It is blessed with a less frequented placid beach that is adorned by whirling tides and black tinged sand. Alibaug is regarded as a famous weekend getaway for travelers. Even, its scenic and serenity views attract more tourists from Mumbai and nearby cities. It is also revered with a plethora of sightseeing places that consists of historical and worship sites as well. All these temples are perched on top of small hills that the devotees need to climb to reach there. But the most visited beach in Alibaug is Alibaug Beach that provides a spectacular view of the sunrise and sunset.

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Includes 2 nights stay, on twin sharing basis More on Alibag Beach Paradise Because the town is surrounded by sea from three sides, Alibag is regarded as "Goa of Maharashtra". The tranquillity of the beaches has left many tourists awestruck.

Alibag is a great escape for people who have a huge love for beaches, forts and temples. Most of these temples are situated on top of small hills that you need to climb in order to reach the temple, but the sweeping views of the Konkan coastline from the top is worth the climb. Alibaug is famously known for its forts, as the city played a very important part in the pre-colonial era.

Apart from the temples, forts, and beaches, a very famous tourist attraction in Alibaug is the Alibaug Magnetic Observatory, which is one of the very few British-made buildings that exist in Alibaug. This observatory is not only the only one of its kind in the entire Asian subcontinent, but it is also one of the only 13 such observatories present all across the world.

The observatory records geomagnetic data using precise recording instruments, and is a popular tourist spot, especially in the winter.

Alibaug is a popular weekend destination from Mumbai and caters to the need of its tourists. You can enjoy a variety of food style ranging from South-Indian to Continental and restaurants ranging from budget to expensive, fine-dine ones. One can also indulge in Chinese preparations as well as flavors of local and traditional cuisines. Suggested Itinerary Day 1- Arrive at Alibag, check-in and rest.


Travel Guide to Visiting Alibaug Beach Near Mumbai

The headquarter of Raigad district, this coastal town of Alibaug was formerly called as Alichi Bagh, courtesy to the then resident of the place, a rich Israelite named Ali who grew an abundant of coconut and mango orchards here. Home to all the ancient borderlands of the Jews of the Bene Israeli, Alibaug was once the dwelling place of an enchanting watchtower which is now used by the Indian Institute of Geomagnetism as a prominent watchtower assisting the global network. The fort is also home to a serene Dargha. The profoundly fortified islands of Underi and Khanderi dates its origin back to the CE when the great Shivaji erected the forts which later came to be used as the watchtower by him.



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Alibaug Travel Guide



Alibag Travel Guide


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