Adevarul despre infernul doctorului Mengele, depozitia unui medic, martor ocular al evenimentelor, dr. Nyiszli Miklos din Oradea. Nyiszli Miklos, medic si numai datorita imprejurarilor scriitor, este autorul unor insemnari care se bucura astazi de circulatie mondiala, fiind traduse si publicate in mai multe limbi: franceza,engleza, germana, italiana, romana. Valoarea acestor insemnari nu provine din calitatea lor literara, la care dupa insasi marturia sa, autorul nu a aspirat.

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The book, as all holocaust biographies, is an important account of a horrible time. Eerste verslag van Vanelderen Kelly. May 09, Rebecca rated it really liked it. He had many duties, from patching up prisoners and S. Oct 18, Rich Weiss rated it liked it. Five stars for the courage to tell the story. I am a member and I am logged in, but I do not see a spot to click to take me to a auscuwitz where I can write a review. This book is told by, Dr. He also worked as a pathologist for Mengele. It is interesting to read about the holocaust and Auschwitz from that perspective because it gives a kind of overview.

He was left with little choice. Pana la urma sange nevinovat, de martiri a curs pe pamantul celui de-al Treilea Reich. Nyiszli did exist at Auschwitz during the mentioned period, however suspicions of his having collaborated with Germans especially his SS superiors for certain favors have been expressed and none have been able to completely demolish them. Where normally a book with this sensitive topic I would need to take breaks from my readings to process and to deal with the feelings of depression and heaviness, this book portrayed the facts in a way that made it easier to move through the book at a faster rate.

Apr 28, Paige rated it it was amazing Shelves: The horrifying details of the millions of innocents exhumed under pretentious lies were real. In case anyone else is a novice like me, Wiki says: Hope had no place here, every Sonderkommando work unit had a life span, the new would Cremate the old.

On arrival, Nyiszli volunteered himself as a doctor and was sent to work at number 12 barracks where he operated on and tried to help the ill with only the most basic medical supplies and tools. I always cry while reading about the Holocaust, whether the book is sentimental or not. I guess I wanted the author to make me feel something, but too often felt this was a clinical study and for that I was ever so sad. I seriously recommend going out and getting a copy of this book.

Aushwitz is a historical document. Add the first question. First off, Nyiszli states right off that he is writing as a doctor and not for literary acclaim. A Jew and a medical doctor, the prisoner Dr. My real gripe with this book is the introduction.

To say that Aushwitz is auechwitz interesting read would be a gross understatement. Nyiszli worked for Mengele as his personal research pathologist. The accounts are so horrific, that for a person in the 21st century cribbing about internet freedom, it seems quite Orwellian.

It is gruesome and hard to imagine. Before I continue, Dr. Related Posts


Am fost medic la Auschwitz – Dr. Nyiszli Miklos

Tegore They advanced with slow, weary steps. It went so far beyond the scope of my reality I felt a vague disconnection from history and the people living through it. After reading the book it is auachwitz not to have a pretty strong opinion about the author which is what I feel makes this book great. Unfortunately, there are not so many happy endings.


„Am fost medic la Auschwitz” de Miklós Nyiszli

Gogar But most stories from survivors and anything read about the camps leave this feeling. Mengele, you could feel like you had met him. I really hated rating a book such as this. I find myself incapable of rating auscwitz testimony of the excruciating horrors inflicted by human beings on fellow human beings and I decided to only write my thoughts rather than a review Dr. In fact, the not very emotional style has an advantage. It all began for Nyiszli, specializing in doftor pathology and carrying out medical duties for both the police and the courts, gaining valuable experience in identifying unusual or disputed deaths in the corpses he examined.


am fost medic la auschwitz





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