In , the novel was packaged with 9 original short stories as The Gateway Trip , a book consisting of about pages. Collectively all the Heechee stories have been considered as a series known as The Heechee Saga or simply Heechee. The German-language edition of the first 3 novels in this series was published twenty years later as Gateway Trilogy. Below are the first two books in this series. Gateway Gateway opened up on all the wealth of the entire Universe. When the prospector Robinette Broadhead decided to go out to Gateway on Heechee spacecraft, he decided that he would know what was the right mission that will make him his own fortune.

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Shelves: fiction , science-fiction Tedious. Pohl take a valiant risk by introducing a huge chunk of astrophysics, but ruins it by foot-dragging aimed at keeping the reader "entertained". It ends unsatisfactorily and pointlessly. A very direction disappointing for such a promising series. My edition is hardbound sans dust jacket from So far old pro Fred Pohl is showing himself to be sort of an old fart prose-wise.

Stuck back in mid-century usage. I wondered about the description of home-bred chess masters in Wyoming playing multiple simultaneous games in city parks in Wyoming.

Seems unlikely, I started reading this before I realized it was 4 in the Heechee series. A curmudgeon, but not particularly loveable or even interesting. Story and ideas are all in classic sci-fi. Past half-way last night as the thing just drags on. Nothing new here - other reviewers have noted the same thing s. I am quite impressed with all those astrophysicists who figured out all this stuff.

Sounds more like some oriental pidgin-English than a Russian accent. Got close to the end last night as various plot threads come together. It looks like this will wind up with 2. A bit of Pohl-racism shows up, albeit of the milder variety. More fuddy-duddy lingo in the mouths of little kids.

Finished up last night as Fred P. Ultimately this book is all about Fred Pohl. He simply puts on the mask of our "hero" Robinette Broadhead. The kids, the most interesting part of the cast of characters, disappear abruptly I wonder if the author suffered himself from "gloopiness"?

I bet he did! I wonder if he had a childhood breakdown a la Sneezy? Or was it Harold?


Heechee Saga by Frederik Pohl

Robert Silverberg Avon Books , May , pp. The new stories packaged with "The Merchants of Venus" as The Gateway Trip: Tales and Vignettes were all published in the first three issues of Aboriginal Science Fiction ; both the serial and the late book were illustrated by Frank Kelly Freas. In it was included in an all-Heechee collection, The Gateway Trip : Tales and Vignettes of the Heechee, comprising the novella and nine new short stories. The magazine story was illustrated by Jack Gaughan [4] and the collection by Frank Kelly Freas. In "The Merchants of Venus", the Heechee a name given to them by humans since nobody knows what they called themselves are nowhere to be found, and humans know of them only from their advanced artifacts. The first evidence comes with the discovery of tunnels constructed under the Venusian surface, each tunnel distinguished by a mysterious light-emitting cobalt blue metal covering the interior sections.


The Heechee Saga



The Annals of the Heechee


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