I encountered the name Antonione Porchia three times on three occasions from three different writers. The first was while reading an interview with the great Argentine poet Roberto Juarroz Famous for his Vertical poetry , which I had reviewed here. The second one was from an interview with WS Merwin where he voices his immense satisfaction Serious reading is often driven by chance encounters. The second one was from an interview with WS Merwin where he voices his immense satisfaction in discovering and translating Antonio Porchia.

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Sazilkree And they all think that pain is below. It is when I assent to nothing that I assent to all. In full light we are not even a shadow. I go in and am faced with a hundred closed doors. Antonio Porchia Everything had been stripped of deceptions, that time. Let each carry their own guilt and there will be no guilty ones.

And the sea was alone and Porchi was alone. Vengo de morirme, no de haber nacido. The confession of one humbles all. Man goes nowhere, everything comes to man like tomorrow. I know that you have nothing. Y en aquel mundo, donde casi todos siguen a todos sin darse a nadie. The things I lose completely are those which, lost by me, are not found by others. Treat me as you should treat me, not as I should be treated.

Every time I wake, I understand how easy it is to be nothing. Every toy has the right to break. Y te parece que han dejado de quererte.

Almost always is it a the fear of being ourselves that brings us to the mirror. In its last moment, the whole of my life will last only a moment. The soul of all is only the soul of each one. Cuanto he perdido lo hallo a cada paso y me recuerda que lo he perdido.

La verdad tiene muy pocos amigos y los muy pocos amigos que tiene son suicidas. Everyone thinks that their things are not like all the other things in the world, and that is why everyone keeps them. Everything is alone when I am alone. I raise them higher. En lo superficial, si no eres superficial, necesitas que te lleve de la mano alguien superficial. Certainties are arrived at only on foot.

He always gave himself to everyone without following voicez. I have hardly touched the clay and I am made of it. Wikipedia has an article about: If you are good to this one and that one, this one and that one will say you are good. I love for the sake of what I have loved, and what I have loved I would not go back to loving.

Se daba a todos sin seguir a nadie. He was self-taught, and his only book, Voicescaught the attention of a noted French critic who assumed him to be a scholar of Kafka and Buddhism, rather than the humble man who loved to tend his garden. Copper Canyon Press- Literary Collections — pages. I live without it.

Voices Quotes Cuando me parece que escuchas mis palabras, porcha parecen tuyas mis palabres y escucho mis palabras. Mi pobreza no es total: My self has been moving away from me. Merwin Antonio Porchia Voices is a collection of poetic aphorisms written over several decades by Antonio Porchia and translated by W.

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