Biography[ edit ] He was born in at Naples of a noble family of the Lomellina , that claimed to derive its name from a seat in Lombard territory, at San Nazaro near Pavia. His father died ca , during the boyhood of Jacopo, who was brought up at Nocera Inferiore and at San Cipriano Piacentino hosted at the home of Family Sabato, located in Via Santilli whose rural atmosphere colored his poetry. In —85 he campaigned twice with Alfonso against papal forces near Rome. His withdrawal from Naples as a young man, sometimes treated as biographical, is apparently a purely literary trope. He speedily achieved fame as a poet and a place as a courtier.

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Form[ edit ] Arcadia by Sannazaro could be considered a prosimetrum — a combination of prose and verse. The alternation of prose and verse is consistent, but each varies considerably. Many portions of the prose are merely descriptive. Others sections, especially in the second half of the poem, are more narrative.

Like the prose, the poetry is varied with a number of different poetical forms, including frottola , barzelletta , madrigal , and canzona. Publication history[ edit ] The publication history of Arcadia has two phases. The first follows the tradition of manuscripts consisting of an introduction "proemio" and ten units in prose and verse. Initially this literary collection was called Aeglogarum liber Arcadium inscriptus then Sannazaro decided to change the name to Libro pastorale nominato intitulato Arcadio.

Some years later Sannazaro modified the whole Arcadia again. The title became simply Arcadia and now consisted of a dedication, an introduction, twelve units of prose and verse, and an epilogue A la Zampogna — To the bagpipes.

The first version of Arcadia with introduction and the ten units of prose and verse was completed towards the end of A flawed version was published in Venice in without the approval of the author.

The same edition was reprinted by Bernardino da Vercelli in The second edition was completed by Sannazaro around This last version was published by Pietro Summonte , who was a humanist and member of the Accademia Pontaniana , in Naples in Style[ edit ] The early fame of Arcadia in Italy was due to its linguistic merits.

Its style created a completely artificial literary idiom, unspoken by either Florentines or Neapolitans. Reception[ edit ] When Arcadia was printed in the 16th century, it became a bestseller. Modern readers tend to consider the text confused and frustrating.


"Arcadia" di Jacopo Sannazaro: riassunto e commento

La storia dura 6 giorni, dal 20 al 25 aprile le feste di Pale. Qui tristemente si conclude la storia. Essa venne componendosi nel lungo arco di tempo di circa 20 anni. Sembra che intorno al , il poeta compose alcune ecloghe di ambientazione pastorale le attuali I, II, VI , e solo dopo decise di fonderle assieme, continuarle, e costruire una storia [1]. Forse al risale la prima redazione del testo, il cui titolo era Aeglogorum liber Arcadius inscriptus, e poi Libro pastorale nominato intitulato Arcadio [2]. Di questa prima versione ci sono rimasti diciannove codici che furono diffusi nei principali centri culturali italiani.


Arcadia (Sannazaro)


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