Water leakage In the unlikely event that a malfunction of the Waterproof Case causes damage due to water leakage, Sony does not guarantee against mwnual to the equipment contained in it camera, battery pack, etc. Steadyshot SteadyShot Setting display You can activate the camera-shake reduction when shooting. Insert in the direction of B. Tripod Adaptor By attaching the Tripod Adaptor to the camera, you can attach accessories to the camera without using the Waterproof Case. Sony Community Visit our Community and share your experiences and solutions with other Sony customers.

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For more details about the Wi-Fi network environment, consult each network service provider. Transferring settings on "Network Setting Tool" to your camera Maintain internet connection of the PC from the start to finish of the setting procedure.

Procedure 1. If the USB connection between the PC and the camera cannot be detected, a message that states that the camera could not be detected is displayed on the PC. Try the following. Disconnect the USB cable and reconnect it. Confirm that the icon removable disk or removable disk is displayed on the task tray located on the bottom right corner of the PC screen. Depending on the condition, the icon may not appear.

Do not turn off the camera until network setting is complete. Be careful not to remove the battery or allow accidental disconnection of the USB cable during the setting procedure. Click [Next]. If a message that states that a compatible camera has not been connected appears, refer to the following possibilities. There is connection error between the camera and PC. The camera power is off. The camera is not a compatible model.

Procedure 2. Network Setting Select the Wi-Fi the camera is to connect to. Turn on the Wi-Fi connection setting of the PC and click [Choose] while the device to be connected smartphone tethering function or Wi-Fi router to the camera is in operation.

You can also directly enter the [Network name], [Security Method], and [Password]. For the tethering settings of your smartphone or the Wi-Fi network settings of your router, refer to the instructions manual of your smartphone or your Wi-Fi router. Procedure 3. Streaming Services Enter your account and perform settings related to the streaming service.

The [Connect] screen is displayed on a separate screen. Follow the on-screen instructions for the following. To register new users from this screen, click [Register New Account] and follow the instructions displayed on the screen. After the registration procedure is complete, close the [Connect] screen. Click [Connect] in the "Network Setting Tool" screen, then follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

If you have selected save in [Recording], you must enter the [Title] and [Description]. Procedure 4. You can link to an SNS and automatically post messages at the beginning of your live stream. For every SNS, a new window will be displayed. Enter the necessary fields and authenticate or login. The posting destination set in the "Network Setting Tool" screen will be displayed.

Confirm that the posting destination is checked and input your message to be posted. Procedure 5. If you click [Transfer to camera] on the bottom right side of the "Network Setting Tool" screen, the screen that has been set will be displayed. Confirm its contents and click [OK]. The setting procedure is complete. Disconnect your camera from the PC. If you are streaming live video for the first time, it is recommended that you perform a trial stream in a stream ready environment beforehand. If you plan to hand over or dispose your camera, be sure to perform the resetting operation on your camera.

Confirm that the date and time of the camera are set correctly before starting your stream.


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HDR-AS100V — Sony Movie Service Manual (repair manual)



Sony HDR-AS100V Manual



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