Test results may very with different testing environment and equipment. Page 2 Aiming to create a classic master piece, the development of the new Xonar Essence line has triggered us to engage a new quest in search for true high end audio and the essence of sound. We looked for all traces and only to realize that the answer lies in the very root of our own culture, and that it is the process of searching for the purest sound in harmony with man and the environment that defines the highest level of audio. Throughout the time, they crystallized their knowledge of the materials and the spiritual pursuit into that piece of the Chime of Tiger. Like our ancestors, the Xonar team also searched for only the best components and used only the finest designs in order to reproduce that purest essence of sound. This Audio Precision test report was prepared not only to back up the unprecedented performance of Xonar Essence STX, but is also a footnote of our ongoing quest in search for the essence of sound.

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Connect your external PC microphone to this port by Microphone Input port using the bundled 6. Note: this area just displays information, but is not used to alter settings.

HP Advanced Setting Clicking this button allows you to select the gain tuning according to your headphone impedance. The setting is also available for FP Headphone. Page 26 Make all speakers except Subwoofer rotate clockwise Clockwise Manual Rotation Manually drag and rotate all speakers except Subwoofer This is the default mode that allows you to manually drag Manual Drag Mode each speaker or the listener with your mouse.

Page 27 Drag to the right side to widen the vocal sound range. Reset Reset all settings to the defaults. The dimension parameter fades sounds to the front or rear Dimension of the listener. DH1—Reference Room: Small, acoustically damped room. Page 29 Dolby Virtual Speaker provides two modes of virtualization: Reference Mode The first is Reference mode, which virtualizes the missing speakers as in the following picture.

Wide mode virtualizes the necessary speakers and Wide Mode enhances the surround experience as in the following picture. Reset Click to reset all volume controls to the default settings. Page Effects Clicking this button will apply the environment effect that you More options select from the pull-down menu on the right side. There are another 23 options in this menu. Environment size There are three size settings for each environment: Large, Medium, and Small.


Asus Xonar Essence STX Reports Manual



Asus Xonar Essence STX User Manual


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