See Article History Alternative Title: Azim Hasham Premji Azim Premji, in full Azim Hasham Premji, born July 24, , Bombay [now Mumbai], India , Indian business entrepreneur who served as chairman of Wipro Limited, guiding the company through four decades of diversification and growth to emerge as a world leader in the software industry. Three years later colonial India was partitioned into mainly Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan , but the Premjis, a Muslim family, chose to remain in India. In , just before Premji was to complete his degree in engineering at Stanford University , his father died unexpectedly. Postponing his graduation, he returned to India to take the reins of the family business and immediately began to diversify, delving into consumer products such as soap, shoes, and lightbulbs, as well as hydraulic cylinders. Premji renamed the company Wipro in , and in , when the Indian government asked IBM to leave the country, he began to steer the company toward the computer business.

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At that time Wipro was dealing in hydrogenated oil manufacturing. Azim Premji was instrumental in the diversification of Wipro. Since his company was not just dealing in vegetable oils now, he renamed the company to Wipro Western Indian Products in the year When the computer firm named IBM was expelled by the Government of India in , he saw it as an opportunity and made Wirpo enter the computer business.

In the next decade, his company made collaborations with various global companies in the computer field like American company Sentinel Computer Corporation and started manufacturing computer hardware. Subsequently, the company made its mark in the software business as well. Azim made sure that his company should achieve the highest standard in terms of quality and therefore he build up the best training facilities and hired the best of brains in software engineering and honed their skills to the potential that they possessed.

Wipro now became the market leader as it was making software at a much lower cost than the various IT companies. Wipro was now exporting software to the US and in years to follow build a huge client base in America. He is one of the entrepreneurs who wholeheartedly believe in giving it back to the society and therefore he has formed an NGO named Azim Premji Foundation in the year His foundation focuses on providing quality education in rural India.

This initiative aims at encouraging the richest of the world to donate a lion share of their wealth to philanthropic causes. Azim Premji Popular Videos.


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Muhammad Ali Jinnah , founder of Pakistan , invited his father Muhammed Hashem Premji to come to Pakistan, he turned down the request and chose to remain in India. The couple have two children, Rishad and Tariq. It used to manufacture cooking oil under the brand name Sunflower Vanaspati, and a laundry soap called , a byproduct of oil manufacture. The company, which was called Western Indian Vegetable Products at the time, dealt in hydrogenated oil manufacturing but Azim Premji later diversified the company to bakery fats, ethnic ingredient based toiletries, hair care soaps, baby toiletries, lighting products, and hydraulic cylinders. In the s, the young entrepreneur, recognising the importance of the emerging IT field, took advantage of the vacuum left behind by the expulsion of IBM from India, changed the company name to Wipro and entered the high-technology sector by manufacturing minicomputers under technological collaboration with an American company Sentinel [18] Computer Corporation.


Azim Premji Biography

Apart from being a business tycoon, he is the Chairman of Wipro and a well-known philanthropist. He is also unofficially regarded as the Czar of the information technology industry of India. Premji was also supposedly the wealthiest person in the country in the six-year span of through according to Forbes. The same globally-revered magazine also states that as of , he is the fourth richest in India and 61st across the world. As of , his personal wealth totalled to His personal net worth was estimated at During , he was voted in Asia Week as one of the 20 most powerful men in the continent.

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