Azami[ edit ] Tukayyid was originally settled sometime during the 25th century when the Azami left Terra in order to colonize the stars. The First An Ting Legion spearheaded the invasion force, then swept the planet for two months searching for the remnants of the Tenth Lyran Guards , which had scattered in a bid to delay the Combine advance. Tukayyid was a target of the follow-up exploitation phase that followed the first wave of attacks. The exploitation phase was initiated following orders from Archon Katrina Steiner on the 21st of OCtober , [48] and Tukayyid was hit by the Nineteenth Arcturan Guards , who moved on several weeks later to attack the Combine world of Dehgolan. Despite the expectation that the world devoid of all but farms and religious monasteries would not be targeted during the Ronin Wars , with Warlord Vasily Cherenkoff desperate for large quantities of food to supply his Ronin forces, in June elements of the Ronin 1st Altenmarkt Militia launched a supply raid against the breadbasket world.

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Introduction[ edit ] The world of Tukayyid was primarily an agricultural world in the Free Rasalhague Republic at the time of the Clan Invasion. The actual battle was broken down into Com Guard-defended objectives that the Clans would try to conquer.

If the majority of these targets were conquered by the Clans then Terra would be allowed to fall into which ever clan could advance to it first. If the Com Guards successfully defended the majority of the targets, then the Clans had to abide by a fifteen-year truce with the Inner Sphere in which no Clan elements would cross the plane emanating from Tukayyid and extending to the edges of the Inner Sphere perpendicular to the Clan Occupation Zones.

Prelude[ edit ] ComStar had operated under a policy of active co-operation with the invading clans since Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht had met with Ulric Kerensky during the early stages of the Clan Invasion. To this end, the First Circuit worked to help provide Clan Wolf with a great wealth of strategic and tactical intelligence on planets they planned to attack. This policy of co-operation and administration was highly successful for the Wolves. While the pace of the Ghost Bears , Jade Falcons and Smoke Jaguars invasions increasingly slowed as they become bogged down in drawn out conquests of worlds, the Wolves surged ahead, ultimately resulting in then-ilKhan Leo Showers calling for a Grand Kurultai at Radstadt in an attempt to slow the Wolves down, a fateful decision that resulted in his death at the hands of Tyra Miraborg.

ComStar turns hostile[ edit ] Primus Myndo Waterly arrived in Solsveda on Satalice to meet with the ilKhan for the first time on the 7th of January , a day after the humiliating defeat of the Smoke Jaguars and the newly-arrived Nova Cats at Luthien.

A Clan Trial of Possession would be waged on a proxy world for control of Terra - the world of Tukayyid inside the rapidly diminishing Free Rasalhague Republic. While possession of Terra and ComStar was a clear outcome for the Clans should they win, the bidding was fierce over what precisely ComStar would gain should they win. Twenty-five Galaxies from seven Clans would face off against twelve entire Armies of the Com Guards equivalent to regiments , with each Clan being assigned two objective cities to take.

If ComStar won, they would buy the Inner Sphere invaluable time to fortify to the point of becoming an almost impossible target for the Clans to take on. If ComStar lost, however, they may well have doomed the Inner Sphere to conquest by the Clans at a stroke. The Clans Prepare for Battle[ edit ] The ilKhan presented the terms of the bid to the Clan Grand Council, all of whom eagerly endorsed and ratified the bid.

The Smoke Jaguars and Nova Cats, eager to regain the face they had lost in their failed invasion of Luthien , bid dangerously low to gain the "honor" of being the first Clan on the planet; all the Crusader Clans conspired to ensure the Wolves would land last, with the least "glorious" targets to strike at long after the Trial was expected to have been decided, an insult the Wolves were rather suspiciously happy to accept.

The Com Guards Prepare[ edit ] The architect of the Com Guard strategy, Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht, had been preparing for the battle since returning from his first visit with the Clans in Armed with both first-hand observations of the Clan leadership, strategy and tactics, combined with countless examples of engagements across the Inner Sphere, Focht carefully constructed his plans.

With only a few exceptions, the Clans had run roughshod over all Inner Sphere forces they had come up against during the invasion. With the exception of Clan Wolf, the Invading Clans lacked the knowledge, logistics, training, equipment and mindset needed to fight anything outside of direct force-on-force confrontations.

As such, Focht built his battle plans around a classic long-term Battle of Maneuver. Instead, he would use terrain and mobility to erode them Cluster by Cluster with a series of rapid and never-ending hit-and-run attacks combined with massive air and artillery strikes, until he could crush what was left of each Clan on his own terms with overwhelming firepower.

Tukayyid offered excellent defensive terrain that the Com Guards prepared to great effect; bridges were rigged with explosives, shielded bunkers constructed from which units sized from Lances to Regiments could appear without warning were scattered in strategic locations, and entire cities were razed and recreated as little more than giant traps. The Battles[ edit ] The Battle of Tukayyid took place from the First to the Twentieth of May and can be broken down into seven theaters of battle, corresponding to each of the Clan attackers.

Clan Smoke Jaguar[ edit ] Still reeling over their humiliating failure to capture Luthien, the Smoke Jaguars won the right to land first, but only by bidding away an entire Galaxy, a full third of their force.

Further dooming their chances, the Jaguars assumed that only one Galaxy each would be required to capture the target cities defended by the Com Guards Fifth Army , with the Khan Lincoln Osis led Alpha Galaxy establishing a landing zone in the mountains near Dinju Heights while saKhan Sarah Weaver led Beta Galaxy in staging a combat drop into the marshes of the Racice River Delta in preparation for an assault on Port Racice.

As the Dragoons and Jaguar Grenadiers started their march for Dinju Heights, they did not realize the token resistance offered by the remains of the 50th was but a cover for heavier elements of th and rd Divisions hidden in the Dinju Pass.

Viewing the seemingly undefended pass as too good to be true, the un-Clanlike caution of Jaguar Grenadiers commander Star Colonel Brandon Howell led him to suspect it was an ambush, and he ordered a probing action to smoke out any hidden Com Guard troops while ordering the rest of his OmniMechs to run along the pass walls at flank speed.

While this strategy led to the almost complete destruction of the probe force, the th and rd could only engage the bulk of the Grenadiers briefly before they raced past. The Com Guards divisions were able to inflict heavy losses but were unable to prevent a sizable portion of the Jaguar unit from making it through to reach the outskirts of their target city. However, by the time the 6th Jaguar Dragoons attempted to make their own run, the th and rd had emerged from hiding and crowded the floor of the pass, creating a gauntlet of overwhelming firepower, with Khan Osis seemingly killed as the Dragoons took heavy casualties.

Meanwhile, the Com Guard forces in the Racice River Delta used the advantages offered by the terrain and well-placed artillery fire to herd Beta Galaxy into the marshes.

While the demoralized Beta Galaxy dutifully obeyed the order, those in Alpha Galaxy were enraged by what they felt was a Wolf Clan snub to their sacrifices and vowed to fight to the death. Unable to fight their way back through the pass to save the Dragoons as the numerical superiority of the th and rd ground them to dust, the Grenadiers launched a desperate assault against the 82nd and nd Divisions outside Dinju Heights which pushed the Com Guard forces back and allowed the Grenadiers an opening to withdraw to their DropShips.

The Jaguars had proven comprehensively unprepared for the tactics and warfare of the Com Guards. The Jaguars had kept up their savage level of combat believing that they faced only a handful of remaining foes, having never realized that the Second Army had been brought in to reinforce the Fifth. The heavy losses suffered by its most elite Galaxies could not be easily replaced and unceasing raiding from both the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery and Clan Nova Cat prevented them from fully regaining their pre-Tukayyid strength.

Unfortunately the Com Guards th Division gained air superiority over the dropzones and greatly damaged the landing forces, with a kamikaze attack destroying the Alpha Galaxy command ship with all hands. Air and armor harassed the advancing Clan forces, finally stopping them less than five kilometers from their target. However reserve units from 13th and st Divisions were already in position along the road, crushing the attempted break-out.

By the third of May, Clan Nova Cat had made three separate attempts to seize both target cities, but each was beaten back as the Cats quickly ran out of ballistic ammunition and missile reloads. However their repeated attacks had begun to weaken the defenders of Joje with the th and 9th Divisions finally forced to pull back and regroup. With the th Division attempting to cut the Cats off from their landing zones, a desperate saKhan Carns tried to regain the offensive by ordering Gamma Galaxy and elements of Beta to stage a fighting withdrawal to draw attention to themselves.

As the th and th Divisions headed toward the eastern shores of Lake Losije to combine their forces and harass the retreating Gamma, the bulk of Beta Galaxy emerged from the lake, having secretly and slowly followed the Losiije River into the lake. Caught unawares, both divisions were shattered and the Nova Cats captured several ComStar supply depots in the process.

While having finally pushed Alpha into retreat from Joje, the Com Guards recognized that the resupplied Beta and Gamma Galaxies could likely take the city. Unfortunately the 13th and st Divisions were still tied up battling Alpha, and the th and th Divisions unable to reach the battlefield in time, with the 9th, th and th Divisions ordered to leave Joje completely undefended to launch a furious counter-attack.

This tremendous gamble paid off, with the Com Guard Divisions attacking while the Nova Cat techs were still uncrating their captured supplies.

Charging into the fray with near-suicidal abandon, the Com Guards pushed the Cats back, recapturing or destroying the supply depots. Both Nova Cat Khans now recognized the battle had turned against them, ordering a general withdrawal to their DropShips. The Com Guards did not let up, continuing to harass the battered Clan Nova Cat forces all their way back to their dropzones, with only a single Trinary of Beta Galaxy OmniMechs making it off-world.

While earning them an earlier landing, replacing the front-line Beta with a second-line garrison Galaxy was also intended as an insult to the Com Guard forces. As the 6th lured the Vipers in, with the tight paths negating the Clan weapons superior range and missteps losing entire Stars to the bottomless pools of boiling mud, Khan Natalie Breen realized too late her troops had stumbled into a massive trap.

While inflicting heavy damage on the Com Guard forces, both Alpha and Gamma Galaxies used up their ammunition at a tremendous rate. Ordering Zeta Galaxy to support and escort the virtually unarmed Alpha and Gamma, the 78th finally crumbled as all three Steel Viper galaxies succeeded in reaching the far side of the Bath. With the defeat of several other Clans freeing up other Divisions from other fronts that could be redeployed against them, Khan Breen ordered her warriors to board their DropShips.

The Clan Goliath Scorpion also participated in the battle, with a star lead by the Scorpion SaKhan Ren Posavatz , who had joined the Steel Vipers, but they were separated of their allies in the Devil Bath, and all disappeared in the battle. Overeager to try and win first landing rights, the mere five Clusters Diamond Shark Khan Ian Hawker bid, two each from the frontline Alpha and Gamma Galaxies bolstered by one from the second-line Omega Galaxy , were easily surpassed by the concessions offered by the other Clans and the Sharks were to land second to last.

The nd quickly encountered the 85th Division, but neither side was able to gain an advantage over the other as the fighting became increasingly brutal. The 85th Division finally crumbled against the overwhelming power of Gamma Galaxy that was sent against it, though they were able to destroy the nd Assault Cluster. As the 82nd , st and nd Divisions advanced to assist their brothers in the valley, the shocked Shark Khans realized their forces were completely surrounded and dangerously low on ammunition.

Regrouping their surviving clusters for a desperate all-out frontal assault in the hopes of breaking through encircling Com Guard forces, saKhan Sennet called in the reserve Freebirth 3rd Shark Regulars from Omega Galaxy to attempt a rescue of the front-line troops of Alpha and Gamma.

The 3rd Regulars finally reached the battered remains of Alpha and Gamma and opened a hole for them to escape back to the landing zone, but the Com Guard forces refused to let up and harassed the Sharks as they withdrew. Clan Diamond Shark paid the price for their inexperience with the tactics of the Inner Sphere, with the Com Guards almost destroying their entire force. Having earned the right to land in the fifth hour of combat and trusting in the superior strength of their forces, both Ghost Bear Khans laid a simple plan to target both target cities at once with the elite Alpha focused on the target city of Spanac while Beta and Gamma made their way to Luk.

Fearful that the inexperienced Fourth Army would break under combat with the Clans, Precentor Katherine Luarca ordered them to stay and defend Luk as she sent her First Army to harass the Bears, save keeping her veteran rd Division back to defend Spanac.

Unable to reach proper defensive positions while under fire from Alpha, the addition of Beta and Delta allowed the Bears to overrun the 91st and capture most of its supply caches intact.

Recognizing her grave mistake in only committing the First Army to fight the Bears, Precentor Lucarca ordered her rd to keep fighting no matter the cost, until she was forcibly ordered out by Precentor Martial Focht himself, viewing the loss of Spanac a lesser evil over the loss of a full veteran division.

The Ghost Bears had barely claimed the city when two divisions from the Fourth Army launched massed artillery barrages on their positions, covering probing raids from the remains of the 91st and 12th Divisions. While the remaining divisions of the Fourth Army defending Luk boasted superior numbers, the elite Alpha Galaxy tore into the untried Fourth as feared and the green Army came close to breaking.

The Bears pulled back to reinforce Spanac. At this point the IlKhan declared the Ghost Bear campaign ended as a draw. Now lacking the strength to take Luk, and with the defeat of other Clans allowing the Precentor Martial to reassign other fresh divisions to bolster the Com Guard defense, the Bear Khans chose to safeguard what they had won and agreed, withdrawing their forces from Tukayyid.

The Precentor Martial also welcomed its end, while the Bears had earned a marginal victory, he could now assign the First and Fourth Armies to fight the equally hard fighting Jade Falcons. Thanks to their mindset and their partial victory, the Ghost Bears wasted little time in the petty recriminations of the other Clans with the Truce of Tukayyid, quickly moving to reinforce and build upon all they had captured in the Clan Invasion.

These efforts would eventually evolve into the startling choice to move their Clan wholesale to the Inner Sphere and the creation of the Ghost Bear Dominion. While not opting to take special measures with regards its supplies and weapon configurations, their experience with "dishonorable" Inner Sphere tactics and eagerness to outdo Clan Wolf led the Falcon Khans Elias Crichell and Vandervahn Chistu to forbid their forces from batchall during the battle.

In an effort to secure a earlier landing and mock the Com Guards, the dezgra Falcon Guards , a unit tainted by its humliating loss on Twycross and led by the highly unconventional Aidan Pryde were bid into the Falcon contingent.

The Com Guards defending forces consisted of the largely green rated Eleventh and Third Armies bolstered by the addition of the th , 77th and th Divisions from the Second , Twelfth and First Armies. Allowing their DropShips to land unopposed, the Precentor Martial exploited the Jade Falcons cautious and slow moving advance by ordering th Division to pull its scouts back and "strike and hiss", to engage in hit and run attacks that were shown to be most effective against the Clans.

The troops of the th proceeded to launch endless ambushes on the Falcon advance, unleashing a massive hail of fire and retreating before the Clan warriors could effectively engage them. The only two bridges across the violent Prezno River, these would prove natural bottlenecks for the advancing Clan forces and ensure more straight-up fighting that suited their warriors. With both sides of the bridges in Falcon hands and the Clans Techs setting about constructing pontoon bridges to allow the other Clusters to more easily cross, the Falcon Guard and Second Regulars then advanced toward Olalla.

Highly suspicious at the seemly undefended city as Kael Pershaw high above in a sub-orbital spotter plane also began to detect disparities between the Olalla he saw and pre-Invasion holoimages of city, Aidan Pryde ordered only a single heavy Star to enter. With the arrival of the 1st Falcon Velites , 89th and 94th Falcon Strikers , the Falcon Guards and 2nd Regulars now ruthlessly hunted down and obliterated the 77th Division and captured the city.

But this triumph would be short lived as Com Guard DropShips transporting the six fresh divisions assigned to defense of Humptuilps prepared to land and retake it. Elsewhere the battle also began to turn dangerously against the Falcons. Now facing four full Com Guard Armies and with all Falcon units, with the exception of the Falcon Guards, running low on ammunition and supplies to take both objectives, the destruction of the depot forced the Jade Falcon Khans to reluctantly order a general withdrawal.

The withdrawal was, if anything, even more bloody than the advance. As the Falcons attempted to retreat from Olalla to the bridgeheads, the th Division attempted to cut-off their escape as the 2nd Falcon Regulars raced to stop them.

Just as the Falcon troops drew close, two Overlord -class DropShips carrying the th Division attempted to land behind Jade Falcon lines in an attempt to catch the Clan forces in a pincer movement.

While the Com Guard forces fanatically threw themselves at the Falcons in a desperate attempt to stop them, the Falcon Guards beat back the attackers and allowed their fellows to board and escape.

As Clan Jade Falcon succeeding in briefly capturing Olalla, and inflicted significantly higher losses on the Com Guards than they suffered in turn, the ilKhan and the Precentor Martial agreed that they had earned a draw. While both Pryde and his unit had been considered virtually dezgra before the battle, his unconventional outlook proved the perfect foil for the Com Guard tactics designed to combat traditional Clan opponents.

The Crusader Falcons would go on to be the biggest opponents to the result of Tukayyid, trying to undermine and break the truce via the Red Corsair and extract revenge on the Wolves via the Refusal War.

Thanks to the direct insight and experience of Khan Natasha Kerensky and bondsman-turned-Clansman Phelan with Inner Sphere tactics, the Wolves prepared for a long campaign against a foe intelligent enough to take advantage of their weaknesses on a battlefield of his making, suspending all zellbrigen, making plans to build-up and protect their supply chain and configuring their OmniMechs with a heavy bias towards energy weapons. Recognizing that Clan Wolf would be his hardest opponent, Precentor Martial Focht devoted his best troops to the battle, transferring the elite th to assist the 9th and 10th Armies , the 10th assigned to defend the primary target of Skupo with the 9th guarding the secondary city of Brzo.

Further, with the Wolves landing last, Focht would also find that he could transfer troops slated to face other Clans after they withdrew in defeat, an ace-in-the-hole he hoped would go unused. But while initially successful in breaking through the ComStar lines, the 13th Wolf Guards walked into an ambush as the entrenched th Division emerged from hidden positions on an apparently barren hilltop.


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