The famous foursome not only shaped music history, but also informed the rapidly changing cultural landscape around them as the band evolved from their teeny-bopper roots to the revolutionary social awareness, psychedelia, and musical experimentation of their later work. Throughout their meteoric rise - from working class Liverpool and honing their craft in Hamburg, to Beatlemania, the Ed Sullivan show, and rocking Shea Stadium - The Beatles contributed not just soul-stirring medleys and unforgettable lyrics to the world of music, but hairstyles, fashion, and cultural consciousness across the universe. The extended format, minimalistic presentations, and utilization of modern recording technology allowed the Beatles to simply be themselves, free from the constraints of the past. With their relentless commitment to transformation, the mind, body, heart, and soul of John, Paul, George and Ringo changed the world of music forever. At the same time, they helped move the world of the s from black and white to brilliant color, influencing fashion, social norms, and the zeitgeist at large.

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Can Bluecoats survive this crisis? Short answer: Yes. Long answer: The reality is that cancellation of the season, closure of the Champion Event Center, and temporary suspension of Champion Bingo mean that the Bluecoats organization faces an unprecedented financial challenge.

Nearly all financial resources of the organization will be used to finance hundreds of thousands of dollars of refunds and cancellation costs. Thanks to decades of excellent leadership and generous support from our community, we have the resources to weather this challenge, but the recovery of the organization in will rely heavily on the support of the Bluecoats and Canton communities.

Will the organization continue to operate? While this crisis has meant the temporary layoff of many employees and staff, we will do our best to keep the virtual office open and available to our constituents. The support of our community is vital to maintaining the strength of the Bluecoats organization. We turn 50 in ! What about tickets and event registrations? All information about refunds and related donations will be posted at bluecoats. A form for applying for a refund will be made available at that site in the coming days.

As we coordinate this international refund effort with more than 40 organizations, hundreds of venues, and thousands of constituents, we appreciate your patience and understanding. Can I donate my ticket, registration, or fee back to the organization? The refund process at bluecoats. This is a massive financial challenge, coupled with the loss of all revenues and the costs of cancelling a season. Every dollar donated back is a grand and gracious gesture during these difficult financial times.

We are SO appreciative of every donation and we cannot thank you enough for considering this option. Donated tickets, registrations, and fees will be considered a cash donation. Bluecoats, Inc. Our EIN is and a tax receipt will be provided to all donors. More information can be found at bluecoats. How can I help? This question is pouring into our office and inboxes and we are so humbled. Thank you. There are several ways to help: Make a one-time contribution at bluecoats.

Every dollar is needed and appreciated, and all contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Become a Sustaining Member of The Shield. This monthly giving society is made up of some of our most ardent supporters. We will send you a welcome packet and a surprise gift in a month or so.

Shop at the Bluecoats Marketplace. Each summer thousands of fans support Bluecoats by purchasing merchandise when the corps is in town. That tradition will fall away this year, but you can still get your fix online! Every dollar supports the organization. The store is open at bluecoats. Please consider making the same investment in drum corps this summer by donating back your tickets, making a contribution in the amount of your concessions snacks or travel expenditures, and buying a t-shirt!

Stay engaged. We need our fans to remain fans! Share our posts on social media, share your favorite Bluecoats memories, and help keep the drum corps tradition, and the Bluecoats Experience, alive for generations to come!



While you leave behind a team of , you are joining a group of over 2, Consider how many different ways you can remain involved with the organization! Are you signed up to participate in the 50th Anniversary Alumni Corps? You can do so here! Check out the group here and you can complete an interest form linked on the page. Participation levels vary based on your location and time commitment. You can sign up to get quarterly e-mails from the Alumni here and consider signing up for text alerts for these news drops at that same location after you submit the form.


Rhythm IN BLUE

After aging, out he instructed for three years between the visual and brass sections before migrating over to the volunteer and administrative teams. Through Jay worked through just about all the support side of the corps, driving a bus, selling merch, handling public relations and launching the corps first website. He briefly served on the Board of Directors in while acting at the same time as the Member Development Coordinator with the corps. In he was named the Assistant Director.

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