Tamilnadu includes Chennai Telecom What is the meaning of freebies? Can I select new mobile number as per my choice for the above subscription? Yes, you can choose the SIM numbers online as per your choice and activate them by approaching CSC or Retailer by subscribing to any above prepaid recharge plans, So that, you can enjoy BSNL unlimited call tariffs to any network and data. Whether every BSNL recharge plan in the list are available in every state? Yes, all the plans in the list are available in all states, and in addition to that some circle specific recharge are also launched, you may check the list of states mentioned.

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Child account will not have any access to view his shared data usage. Voice pulse call in sec. Denomination MRP in Rs. Save as PDF Important!

This Community Charging feature allows sharing of Data among a group of prepaid subscribers. The Parent subscriber alone can have the control over the Group account activities through the Portal.

Group will be created only after deducting the corresponding amount from main account. Data per day 1. Feedback Send your feedback at mail plansinfo. STV feature available kerzla home circle only. Reduced call rate applicable for first 60 days. For Per Keralla plan: Freebies valid for first days. Freebies keralla 26 days. National Roaming Pulse rate is 60sec. Subsequent recharge of the data pack may be done by subscriber depending on the usage through recharge option under Group account.

This recharge is only appicable on Patanjali SIMs. A prepaid BSNL customer can subscribe a community Data pack and share it with other 4 prepaid customers. Freebies valid for 84 days. Validity of 90 days is applicable for free data and reduced tariff only. After exhausting the Group account, customer will start draining his main account. Tariif for validity from to days: Therefore the community data pack allows sharing of data among 5 persons i. Unlimited Data with speed reduced to 80kbps after 1.

All other terms and conditions as per Per Minute plan. This Portal enables the Parent to add and delete the Child accounts.

Plan voucher with Freebies applicable for validity extension migration and new Connection. For validity extension only. Plan for all Customers. Billing pulse is 1sec. During this process,minimum one member must be entered and a data pack must be selected. Data 1GB for 30 days. This is to be implemented w. Tariff for validity 91 to days: Talk value will be credited in main account.

Talk value and free Data both keralla validity of 2 days. Freebies valid for 81 days. Related Posts.


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BSNL Kerala SMS Plans Prepaid


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