Vutilar Likes 10 Dislikes 7. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. May 9, Posted December 18, 7. Posted December 18, Jestine Yong March 31, at 5: Whishing you translstor your family fro If you are a beginner you will save lots of time of not searching for 2SC information.

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By checking the transistor with multimeter. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. PDF C Datasheet download January 31, Hope after reading this post, you will have no problem in finding the right data for C transistor 9c and other funny part number. Repair Tips Popular Comments. Most of the time repair tech will refer C as 2SC so that it will be easier for them to search from the databook or internet. Learn how your comment data is processed.

September 5, Posted December 29, 4. December 29, 4. You also can create a simple transistor circuit to see if it switch or amplify. Hi Saul, By checking the transistor with multimeter. Jestine Yong March 30, at 8: Jestine Yong September 19, at By Jestine Yong on March 29, The other day there was an email to ask me to help to find a part number that starts with P70N…… I told him to add ST in front of the part number and he could managed to locate the exact part number.

Your email address will not be published. There are many reasons why the horizontal output Hi Chad, It is great to hear from you again. Hi my dear jestine. By the way here is the link to the C transistor datasheet. Datasheey Likes 0 Dislikes 0. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. December 18, 7. Posted December 18, 7. December 29, 2. Hi Jackson, Good to hear from you again.

Whishing you and your family fro If the repair tech treat C as 2SC then he or she will not be able to find the information. But what if the part number is not C and they are some other part number? December 18, December 28, There are too many semiconductor manufacturers. If you type in C transistor datasheet in the search engine, yes you will get the info.

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Транзистор S9012

How to Calculate Junction Temperature From Ambient Temperature Junction temperature or channel temperature can be calculated from the ambient using the following equation. Below is an example of the correlation between current consumption and the junction temperature when Rth j-a is deg. The junction temperature rises in proportion to the current consumption. The proportionality constant for this is Rth j-a. Since Rth j-a is deg. This means, the junction temperature becomes deg.


KTC9012 (2SC9012), Транзистор, PNP, [TO-92]

Маркируются транзисторы в корпусе для SMD монтажа обозначением 2T1. Ниже приведена схема рассматриваемого изделия этих типах упаковки. Здесь цифрой 1 обозначен эмиттер, 2 — база, 3 — коллектор. Технические характеристики При проектировании нового электронного устройства в первую очередь следует обратить внимание на предельно допустимые характеристики используемых транзисторов. Если один или несколько значений превысят их, то прибор выйдет из строя. Устройства в SOT имеют меньшую допустимую мощность рассеивания мВт. Некоторые фирмы-производители в своей документации пишут разные значения для максимального напряжения коллектор-эмиттер VCEO Uкэ max.


9012 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search



100PCS C9012 9012 TO-92


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