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I personally, however, found in this book some sort of comfort, because I was that kind of girl which it described. It made me feel good about being a woman, but in a holy sense. I was delighted to know that some of my feelings, concerns, and desires are common in women and are nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed by. Although, in summary, it sounds quite cheesy, Stasi and John guide the reader on a journey through scripture, literature, and real experiences that tend to lack empirical and statistical evidence yet resonates within the recesses of the mind.

That God created man, both male and female, in his own image is an accepted Christian doctrine. The authors take this doctrine a step further by expressing the divine nature of womanhood. He specifically blessed us with qualities that are feminine; relational, beautiful and seeking validation. It is their goal to assist the female reader unveil her femininity and connect with God and her man.

Validation is found within the books pages as the authors reveal that God is beautiful and glorious. He seeks to have an intimate relationship with His children. He seeks our honest hearts and implores us to seek Him. It is easy to assume that every woman carries with her wounds that have not healed. Most pop psychology books provide ample fodder that our parents have wounded us.

I tire of this mentality. It quickly establishes that our parents are the enemy rather than part of a support system that shaped our diverse personalities and independent selves. This mentality also relieves the grown child of any responsibility to respond differently to stimuli.

On the other hand, John and Stasi Eldredge offer compelling arguments for accepting our Divine Nature and infinite worth as Children of God. A God who reserves a piece within His heart that only we can fill. A god who can validate our existence and provide shelter and peace. This book will not appeal to every reader. While reading it, I found gems of truth that resonated within my soul. In my attempts to articulate these truths at a later time, they sound sloppy and cheesy. Bottom line: We possess divine matter.

The qualities that are belittled and squelched for the perceived lack of strength are really our divine nature. It is the woman who seeks out relationships and deeply connects to those around her. It is the glue that holds society together. We are the ezer kenegdo, a beautiful Latin word that can not be directly translated into the English language and is erroneously penned as "help meet" to our husbands, conjuring utilitarian images.

In a more accurate picture, we are the part of Adam that he lacks. Together we complete each other and hold a healthy and vital balance of who God is.


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