He stretched, reminiscent of a large jungle cat. Beneath the thin silk of his shirt, ropes of muscles contracted. Colby Jansen belonged to him and no other. He wanted no other near her, not the Chevez family and not Nicolas who had seen her first. He felt the beast in him rising, fast and ferocious, at the thought of her with another male, mortal or immortal. Rafael stood very still, forcing himself under control.

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May 22, Lynda Tatad rated it really liked it Darkest at Dawn combines the first 2 stories previously released in an anthology and a separate novel featuring the De La Cruz brothers into one novel. Dark Hunger takes place in the jungles of South America, where Juliette and her sister Jasmine are freeing wild animals held captive by scientists using them for illegal experiments.

Juliette comes across a different type of captive, a man chained and drained of blood, barely alive. She does not trust the Chavez family, who did not come when her step-father was dying, and are afraid that they are going to take her younger siblings away from her.

Rafael de la Cruz is sent to try and persuade her, and he is surprised to find that Colby is his lifemate! In both stories, both of the De la Cruz brothers are surprised to discover that strong independent women are their lifemates. Both have some serious trust issues, and hate feeling like their lives are being taken over by these Carpathian men! She also has no problems with the strong sexual connection lifemates feel.

She learns to trust Riordan as they work together to save one of her family members, and accepts him and his world eventually. She has been forced to take responsibilities for her family at a young age, and is overwhelmed with rumming the ranch short-handed. Her ranch is also being sabotaged by someone, and the sheriff is not much help. She also is very much afraid to lose what she has been entrusted with, her siblings.

When a Master Vampire appears, they must learn to work together and trust each other, and it takes Colby a long time to accept the situation. I loved that Rafael really tries to strp back from his sinstincts and tries to give her the time she needs. Unfortunately, the vampire takes away some of that time. It was great to get a chance to re-read these stories again!


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Darkest at Dawn


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