Key quotes from the Charleton report Thursday, October 11, - PM The page report released by Justice Peter Charleton contains some strong language, including that whistleblower Sgt Maurice McCabe was "repulsively denigrated for being no more than a good citizen and police officer". We have extracted some key quotes to bring you a flavour of the main findings. While it is a single-level entry service, it regularly produces people of extraordinary devotion to duty and intelligence at the highest level. It is that police force that needs to be supported and fostered. How dispiriting it must be for them that all of what is detailed in this report happened.

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Recent revelations have brought into sharp focus matters of great import to both policing and the media in this country. The tribunal is examining whether there was a smear campaign against Sergeant McCabe in when he was raising issues of Garda malpractice. This campaign, it is claimed, used a discredited allegation against Sgt McCabe in an attempt to blacken his name.

If so, he was scurrilously and falsely labelled as a child abuser in order to deflect from his claims, which were ultimately vindicated. It has emerged at the inquiry that, in September , he was under criminal investigation for widespread leaking of confidential information. All of the reporters are either denying this or claiming journalistic privilege. The tribunal investigators uncovered links between Supt Taylor and two other reporters. When confronted with this, Supt Taylor added them to the list.

His failure to include them in the original list was one of many blows to his credibility. Then this week, a break on that front. A former crime reporter with the Daily Mirror, Cathal McMahon, told the tribunal he heard from a source in early about the historic allegation against Sgt McCabe. He says he phoned Supt Taylor, who confirmed it, and told him he should travel to Cavan to meet the girl.

Crucially, though, he was denying that he told Mr McMahon to travel to Cavan. The fact that Mr McMahon is no longer a journalist, has no apparent axe to grind, and only came forward after his editor belatedly remembered the incident, all adds weight to his testimony. Thus presented with an opportunity to embrace corroboration of his most serious claims, Supt Taylor has instead denied the specific encounter with the Daily Mirror reporter.

His position reinforces a growing suspicion that he is not coming clean about the details of his smear campaign. And did he tell more in the truth in his living room or in here? But if you were looking for my opinion on it, I think he told us more of the truth in his living room than he did in here.

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Leitrim’s Paul Williams denies telling Garda Press Officer he was writing article about Sgt McCabe

Taylor has dealt with stuttering since childhood. Taylor said three phones, which are currently in garda custody as part of the investigation into leaks, held the evidence to back up his claims. The tribunal is examining whether there was a smear campaign against Sergeant McCabe in when he was raising issues of Garda malpractice. It was reported that Taylor signed the contract to be closer to home. Mum and son injured after men force their way into family home A man has appeared in court charged with It said the former garda press officer was a witness whose credibility was completely undermined by his own bitterness. For other people named David Taylor, see David Taylor disambiguation.


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McCabe to give evidence in tribunal today



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