Director: Dr. Miguel Sepulveda H. Defecto fibroso metafisiario Introducciуn Enel aсo , Jaffe describiу esta lesiуn como un fibroma no osteogйnico y le asignу una naturaleza neoplбsica. Posteriormente, en , Hatcher lo decribiу como un defecto fibroso metafisiario, sin origen neoplбsico. En , Jaffe insistiу en su postura y lo denominу fibroma no osificante, aunque aceptу que este defecto podrнa evolucionar hacia el fibroma.

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It may affect one bone monostotic or several bones polyostotic. The monostotic form primarily affects the ribs, but hardly ever affects the hand. It is important to make the differential diagnosis with malignant bone tumors. This article describes the treatment and outcome of a rare case of a patient admitted with a history of tumor growth in the right hand, diagnosed as fibrous dysplasia of the right second metacarpal. Male patient, 14 years of age, admitted to the Sarah Hospital with lesion on the dorsum of the right hand without pain complaints, previous history of trauma, nor local signs of inflammation.

Physical examination revealed swelling on the dorsum of the second metacarpal, painless, with unaltered mobility and sensitivity. Radiography, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging indicated the involvement ofthe entire length ofthe second metacarpal: only the distal epiphysis was preserved, with areas ofbone lysis. After biopsy confirmation, the patient underwent surgery, using a long cortical graft for reconstructing the metacarpal. During the follow-up period of five years there were no signs of recurrence, and proper digital growth and functionality of the operated hand were observed.

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Displasia fibrosa





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