This is useful to enter environments such as picture, etc. Caveats Although the numbered-equation styles are available, the numbers do not carry over between equations. The image title tag tooltip will indicate that this is the case, emulated here:. From the Configuration Manager , you can modify the following settings: Media namespace in which to store images default is :wiki:latex. Image type: default is png.

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Purpose and limitations The main objectives of this plugin are: It is possible to export a page or a set of pages as a structure of latex files and images. Export forces as little presentation choices as possible, allowing user to make their own styles. Mapping as naturally as possible the dokuwiki formatting into sensible latex formatting. Latex scripting is readable. The main limitation of the plugin is that it is not possible to directly download a finished PDF file.

Anyway, with the procedure described below, you can obtain a PDF version in less than a minute. Other limitations are: Exported files assume that certain packages are available listed below.

Text wrapping in table cells is not supported. Latex has issues with text wrapping multi-column cells. I did an opinionated choice about how to map a navigable page hierarchy into a readable document structure. After testing it with two very big documents more than 20 chapters, more than pages , I believe it works quite well. I hope it will work also for you. Installation Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager.

Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually. Friendly plugins MathJax Plugin : To edit mathematical expressions. Anchor Plugin : To refer to any place in the text.

However, you need a small modification to it, described below. It exists for almost all platforms. Below I show you an simplistic example.

Mind the graphicspath command, that specifies the destination folder plus the images folder. Mind also the import command, specifying the destination folder and the root page.

Save it as root. It does define mappings between usual Dokuwiki syntax and Latex syntax. Most of the time it consists into straight forward mapping: foot notes into foot notes, italic into italic, quotes into quotes and code blocks into code blocks.

The text of header is ignored. The second H1 opens the appendix. The third and next H1 are considered chapters in the appendix. H2: Opens a part. The text of header is placed as title of the part. H3: Opens a chapter. The text of header is placed as title of the chapter.

H4: Opens a section. The text of header is placed as title of the section. H5: Opens a subsection. Lesser headings: Open a subsection. Including a page into another Unordered list item containing only an internal link includes the destination page, using the current level of heading as the base level. Text of header is used as title of the heading. H1 never opens a level higher than chapter. Lower header levels open a lower level headings.

Cross-referencing You can place an internal link to another heading of the same page. Bla bla bla. You can place an internal link to another page.

Bla bla bla You can place an internal link to a specific heading of another page. Bla bla bla Finally, you can use the anchor Plugin to place an ancor link to any point of a page. When yoy use the anchor syntax, then the cross reference mentions a page number. Smaller images are exported centered and with a smaller width.

In this case the size is not checked. If you include external links, be careful to explicitly use the external link markup. If they contain local characters, use them instead of hex encoding.


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MathJax Plugin


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