His father was a novelist , critic , and screenwriter. His maternal grandfather, Dirk Roosenburg — , was a modernist architect who worked for Hendrik Petrus Berlage , before opening his own practice. Rem Koolhaas has a brother, Thomas, and a sister, Annabel. His paternal cousin was the architect and urban planner Teun Koolhaas —

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His designs for some of the most prominent buildings in Holland achieved international acclaim. Koolhaas has written several books that cemented his reputation as one of the most important architectural theorists of this generation. Learn about the inspiration behind his greatest designs.

Step into the world of an innovator who has influenced international architecture. He spent four years in Indonesia during his childhood, where his father Anton Koolhaas, a writer, film critic and director of a film school in the Netherlands, was invited to lead a new cultural institute.

The firm landed its big break when it won the pitch to design an extension to the Binnenhof , the Dutch Parliament building in The Hague. Although the extension never came to fruition, the design launched Koolhaas and his team on a path to success. The site itself was particularly challenging, and involved sharing the limited space of the Spui Complex with a concert hall and hotel. The design completed in was a triumph that encompassed a communal foyer, an auditorium, a rehearsal studio and a floating bar.

The building remained until The space is designed as a square box, with spiraling sloping floors leading visitors through the various exhibitions. The building is filled with intriguing details, such as the main gallery, which appears to float above street level.

Koolhaas approached the design from the perspective that the towers would mainly be seen from moving vehicles. He played with the illusion of the buildings merging and separating as people pass them by.

Overseas, Koolhaas is best known for designing the building of the China Central Television headquarters in Beijing, a glass construction that appears to defy gravity, and the Seattle Central Library, made up of five faceted platforms.

He also designed the innovative headquarters of Dutch fashion label G-Star Raw in the south of the city. In Rotterdam, visit the Kunsthal to experience a structure as remarkable as the artworks it displays. You can also marvel at De Rotterdam skyscraper and the Timmerhuis building in the city centre. Did you find this interesting?


Rem Koolhaas

We understand the quality of this translation is not excellent and we are working to replace these with high quality human translations. Introduction The Educatorium is the first phase of a long-term study conducted by OMA Architects to modernize and develop the Campus of the University of Utrecht, east of the city. Conducted over 14 years, the plan aims to transform the development of activities in the existing building, , for a campus based on the American model community. The word was a made up name Educatorium intended to connote a learning center, and a place to promote higher education. These facilities house shared activities of 14 faculties and many research institutes, creating a major new center for meeting and exchange. Distribution scheme Understood as the encapsulation of the entire university experience in one building, Koolhaas and OMA team Educatorium conceptualized as a factory for learning in both the traditional formalistic approach as for the casual student or student exchanges. The Educatorium was specifically designed so that the processes of socialization, learning and exams tangling into each other, blurring the boundaries between lounges, classrooms and hallways, so there is a constant redefinition of what it means to learn in a social environment.



Bronnenlijst Inleiding Deze scriptie gaat over een architect. Niet zomaar een architect, maar de bekendste architect van Nederland die ook nog internationaal veel faam heeft. Zijn naam is Rem Koolhuis en ik heb gekozen deze scriptie over hem te doen om meerdere redenen. Een daarvan is omdat ik zelf voor een project van het vak Culturele en Kunstzinnige Vorming 3 een maquette heb gemaakt. Deze scriptie moest met dit project te maken hebben en vandaar dat ik het over een architect wilde doen. Er liggen zelfs enkele connecties tussen mijn maquette en enkele werken van hem.


AD Classics: Educatorium / OMA





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