Flexible design for live and studio applications. Good-sounding integral effects. Electrically quiet, with adequate headroom. The UBFX was designed by Uli Behringer himself hence the UB in the model number , but, despite the modest cost, its technical spec is surprisingly good, with its op amp mic preamps claiming a dB dynamic range.

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I like the preamps, and the way everything is mounted, with the knobs riding on the metal, and the potentiometers inside built like a mackie! By far the best part of this unit is the direct outs on channels This is the only mixer I could find that had that feature in a reasonable price range. The built in effects are decent too, good enough for live use anyway. Also, I wish they would make a version without the effects. Like I said, they are good enough for live use. Lots of others feel this way too.

The unit is built tough. I wish that behringer would hire some people that speak english to write their english manuals. I have owned 5 behringer products over the years, and all manuals are ridden with typos, run on sentances, and in the case of the fcb midi controller, it was useless.

It is really complete the scene was all the options imaginable, and in addition it is rack mountable. I understand that users who are not poor ratings in the features sections, I have another table and yamaha soundcraft for recording and they do not have as much opportunity as this one, either in returns, distribution of high Speakers and settings.

The manual is clear, I read it. I read a lot of problems among users of breath but I must say that the fan noise of other amps pass over.

I have two other tables of good reputation that I do not go out live because not enough tracks vocals, bass, guitar, percussion, synth and drums that did a lot of tracks and not damaged and all the way the public would not hear the difference with the sound of the concerts 2 of 2 people found this review helpful Did you find this review helpful?


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Dimensions are 5. According to the manufacturer, these preamps provide a dB dynamic range, 10 Hz to kHz response, extremely low noise and distortion, and switchable 48V phantom power. Equivalent input noise is claimed to be Included are 99 presets such as reverb, delay, chorus, flanging, pitch shift, compression, gating and distortion. Although the presets cannot be edited, there are several presets with different reverb times and delay times so you should be able to find what you need.


Behringer Eurorack UB2442FX Pro


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