German paratroopers prepare to be flown to the Greek island of Leros in Therefore, the performance of the paratroopers in the Netherlands was mixed as far as efficiency and results was concerned. Most aircraft ended up being shot up by Dutch infantry and artillery fire. The Soviet unit tried counterattacking on 10 June, but was repulsed. The Soviet formation was effectively destroyed, with the support of the Luftwaffe, which used anti-personnel bombs against Soviet infantry caught in the open. It had the strength of men.

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April 13, pt Flames of War Battle Report Well rather than play a 1v1 pt Mid War battle last night I ended up in a 4 player free all with everyone bringing pts. Rolling for corners I opted to take the one with the large hill and lots of terrain cover for my infantry. Turns went clockwise starting with the US, then Russians, then me and finally the Tigers. Reserve rules were in place, no one started dug in and first player to secure an objective by Turn 6 would win.

My initial deployment FJ advance to occupy the ruined buildings and to achieve defendable positions ahead of the advancing Soviet armour. Movement started with the US Artillery digging in and the Engineers and infantry cautiously moving forward. Not wanting me to be left out the T34s advanced through the village, quickly joined by their reserve 2nd Platoon, toward my positions. The FJ went for the ruined church, Pioneers moved forward with the CIC and Puppen launcher toward the village and the PzIIIs parked up in the forest to cover the river crossing not realising that they had no chance in hell of damaging the Tigers that would come that way.

This left the Tigers free to engage the US forces as the rest of the Soviets angled toward my Fallschirmjager. Aircraft continued to buzz overhead but proved completely ineffective for all concerned. Their fire proves completely ineffective against the dug-in Fallschirmjager whose supporting AT Guns and Mortars now take a heavy toll.

In no time at all, the majority of the Soviet armour is either burning or bailed out and only 1 active T34 remains. The sole survivor promptly fails his motivation check and the entire Platoon flees the battlefield, allowing the Pioneers to assault into their now unoccupied positions and consolidate into the woods next to the village.

In a great bit of luck the Tigers to their left have also knocked out a number of T34s in the 2nd Platoon. Unable to shoot through their own tanks only a single vehicle is able to conduct defensive fire. Leaving their positions in the ruined Church the Fallschirmjager advance toward an objective of their own and then dug in again.

Mortars have also come on the board and these now start to move into position to hit the Tigers with smoke and explosive shells. As a lesson in V3 this was a great battle that included pretty much everything - and showed just how good Pioneers can be against Tanks if used properly and supported effectively.

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Flames of War - German Fallschirmjager Platoon GE763






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