Although it did not have great success after being released—selling fewer than three thousand copies in the United States during before going out of print—it soon went on to become a best-seller. Concio The book takes place in the midst of an unspecified war. With the exception of Sam and Eric and the choirboys, they appear never to have encountered each other before. The book portrays their descent into savagery; left to themselves on a paradisiacal island, far from modern civilization, the well-educated boys regress to a primitive state. Golding wrote his book as a counterpoint to R.

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Shelves: classics , dark-matter This book is horrifying. I was expecting an adventure book telling about some children who got stranded in an island, but ended up with goosebumps. A bit of synopsis: A number of English school boys suffered from a plane accident causing them to get stranded in an uninhibited island. The period was maybe during the World War II. Trying to be civilized, they elected a leader for themselves as well started the division of tasks hunters, fire-watchers, etc.

Things This book is horrifying. No wonder I had goosebumps at the end, because this book is so true to what happens in the world today. When men tried to govern themselves and started the whole process with goodwill inside , but blinded with egotism and lust for power, tragedy and destruction in society are inevitable.

Human nature is corrupt, it only takes a trivial thing to make its nature controlled by nothing but malice. This book represents a perfect allegory for men. Culture fails repeatedly and no matter how hard we can repress it, nothing will ever stop the drive to become savages. Now I know why this book is listed in so many lists of greatest books in the 20th century. In the beginning of the I agree with the fact about how human nature can become corrupt and turn into savagery just as shown in Lord of The Flies.

In the beginning of the story, when the British boys came to the island without any parents, I myself had a feeling that disorder will soon approach the schoolboys since they themselves do not have the guidance from determining which is right and wrong and soon go into their own instincts which blind them towards savagery. I also agree with the fact that this book was horrifying. When I first looked at the title of the book " Lord of the Flies, I thought this book might be a heroic story in which the schoolboys find ways to survive on an Island with grave difficulties and soon get saved or a story of fantasy in which in the Island itself there is a mythical creature called the Lord of The Flies.

I did not intend the story to become so disturbing that the schoolboys go too much into savagery and kill each other. I like how Golding the author tries to link aspects of human nature with rhythms of nature as this helps us better understand human nature from civilization to savagery in Lord of the Flies. I also like how Golding tries to explain human psychology in Lord of the Flies. In the beginning, the order is established and democracy is built. This lesson prevails in real life such as the crisis in Syria.

The chaos and fear in Syria have led to killing and bloodshed caused by the savagery within them. The theme of civilization versus savagery has given me a better insight into human psychology in a unique way.

Horrified is right! It is really a great book but I was way too young and naive at that time. This book haunted me for many years. It is as disturbing now as it was then. Using a group of innocent schoolboys stranded on an island, the author very realistically portrays human behavior in an environment where civilization no longer has meaning.


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