Setting up a data logging session only takes a few steps! This function allows the user to capture these input values in order to evaluate a wide range of signal anomalies. The feature allows the user to not have to upload their data computer to view them. Users can graphically view information directly on the meter. Multimeter measurements on adjustable speed drives In the past, motor repair meant dealing with traditional three-phase motor failures that were largely the result of water, dust, grease, failed bearings, misaligned motor shafts, or just plain old age.

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The set includes precision electronic probes with multiple spring-loaded sharp tips to maximize contact with SMD test points. Micro-grabbers and leads enable fine SMD testing. Mini-alligator clips, grabbers and probes for virtually every electronics need.

And modular test leads and lead-probe combinations for versatility and couplers for long lead applications. Since its founding in , Fluke has helped define and grow a unique technology market, providing testing and troubleshooting capabilities that have grown to mission critical status in manufacturing and service industries.

Every new manufacturing plant, office, hospital, or facility built today represents another potential customer for Fluke products. From industrial electronic installation, maintenance and service, to precision measurement and quality control, Fluke tools help keep business and industry around the globe up and running. Typical customers and users include technicians, engineers, metrologists, medical-device manufacturers, and computer network professionals, people who stake their reputations on their tools, and use tools to help extend their personal power and abilities.

Our sales staff and our technicians are Fluke trained and we hold perhaps the largest stock of their products in the country. Our customers know that when it comes to Fluke products, we have not only the best prices but the best advice and support services, reassuring when you need to make that all important purchase.

There are no files associated with this product. Be assured they will ship on the next dispatch this in most cases should not add more than 24 hours to your delivery. Sent using express courier, delivered within working days from the date of your order, subject to availability.

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Fluke TLK287 Electronics Master Test Lead Set



Fluke 287 True RMS Electronics Data Logging Multimeter with TrendCapture



Fluke TLK287 Electronics Master Test Lead Set


UF5404 PDF

Fluke Tlk287 Electronics Master Test Lead Set


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