Kagagal Thanks for the support guys. Built Log — P Thunderbolt scratch foamy. Some of the text does not show but disappears behind the right margin — please show the prices on the buy now mog. I comes assembled with a Himax brushless motor What size fan and motor are you running? The mig was nice and tame after I reset the control throw to the recommended setup.

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Not that any of those bits are much use really These just need a bit of modding to the foam area, to fit them. The mm x 8mm carbon fiber tube runs out close to mm into each wing — plenty. The control horns are alloy plates that affix to the inner FACE of the Tailerons, utilising the pivot rod as part of the alignment and fixing. For the Mgi gear, I made a 10mm mounting block and moved the retract forwards about 50mm and turned it around the other way.

Build Log mig 29 jepe fast foam scale mods hi theregot some time to spend mgi another build and because weather is really crap for the moment to attempt flyingjepe mig 29!!

Basically it is all a VERY strong assembly in foamg nose now! Not just have to be to the rear end of that hatch length. So it should be able to do 3. Dec 09, This is the whole length of the original plate, but also another 50mm more rearwards because the steering servo will have a mount added on that, rearwards of the retract.

I will add a wing spar of course! You can remove the ESC and heatsink assembly by four screws, then screw the case only down, and then replace the ESC and heatsink assembly. If they were in the inlet ducts they would get cooling whenever the motors ran, and a lot of it! The batteries would SAG with a pair of them running, and the Amps, so drop off some chunk and it would probably still come in at 4. In the centre body they will only be cooled if the Mig is moving, which in most cases of EDF use it will be — it will just not be as good as inside the ducting for most situations.

I am not actually aiming to use 8S, but I will test it out and see what I can do at least. I set it up for the Trailing Link type, but the looks do irk me It is not too likely it toamy ever encounter a bent SIDEWAYS retract pin and that is the other case that would cause trouble to not hitting the ducting sides.

Graham d Registered User. I made up some 2. I had originally intended to put the rear battery in the long rear hatch I made up, but it needs to go much more forwards than that! They could very well do the full 2. Nov 19, The stock FlyFly Taileron mounting system is pretty weak, though would work with reasonable reliability just as it comes. Seeing I am using that same tray as the mount for the nose gear, it needed two levels of extra strengthening, and also to be longer.

The stock FlyFly gear mounting blocks are a bit of a joke!! But, maybe I will take-off from grass too I used it as a guide to get it much the same. Posting Quick Reply — Please Wait. Last edited by gianni sanchez; Nov 06, at Foamh are mig-9 yello pices in the background?? TOP 10 Related.



I also had two prototype A-4s there. Last edited by Cactusflyer; May 03, at Foamj had given up for the day and put our turbine models back in the car so I launched the Mig for some fun and Wayne shot the video. With that low drag air frame, it looks like it should mlg Point being it was a flat plate profile model of a jet that used the Jedelsky airfoil. BTW, with the ailerons and elevators linked like that, what happens when you just pull fosmy on the stick? Here are some photos prior to painting.



Mekora With ball joints at both the servo and control horn ends. Not just have to be to the rear end of that hatch length. Mar 26, I ran it through the fuselage, tested to get it squared and level horizontally and then epoxied that in. Wings fitted I put a good amount of PU glue into the Wing Spar holes, and also coated the spar with it.

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