Go to the website below and learn more about him. When you have finished, write a summary of King Arthur, who he was, and what he did. Activity 2: Go to this website and learn about the Code of Chivalry. Write a second paragraph explaining what it is to help your classmates understand it. Activity 3: Read about the virtues listed in the Code of Chivalry at the website below. What is a virtue?

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Section 1 - About the Author Rodman Philbrick has written several novels and is a successful author. Click on the hyperlink below to visit his website and answer the following questions: 1.

What inspired Mr. Philbrick to write Freak the Mighty? What are the titles of three other books written by Mr. What year was he born? What city was he born in? What award did he win for Freak the Mighty? Section 2 - Quests Freak talks a lot about knights and their noble quests and acts of chivalry.

In this section, you will be reading about these legends to build your background knowledge before starting the novel. Answer the following questions - 1. What task did Arthur have to complete to become King?

Who is Guinevere? Watch the Ornithopter video and record 3 observations about this mechanical bird. Click on the Medicine Plus link to learn more about this disease. What symptoms of Morquio Syndrome does Kevin have in the story?

List 3 of them. What difficulties do the parents describe about raising a child with this disease? Section 5: Learning Disabilities Max has a learning disability. Click on the link below to read about descriptions of learning disabilities. People generally understand that it is unacceptable to tease or harass a person based on their race, religion, or culture. Think back to Section 4, how would you respond if someone called Bella "retarded"?

How do you think Bella would feel if she heard someone call her retarded? Section 6: Bullying Bullying is a major issue that is presented within this novel. Go to the websites about bullying listed below to learn more about this issue.

What is your definition of bullying? Give an example of bullying that you have witnessed Attachments.


Delving Deeper into Freak the Mighty



Freak the Mighty


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