You can mix up any of the different trails to create a perfect route for your desired time frame. From I take exit 33 onto Brevard Rd and head southwest. Ledford Branch is a moderately technical climb with roots and tight turns, but not overly steep. North Boundary is a long gravel climb with a handful of lengthy steep sections, but smooth and doable on any climbing-capable set up.

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Ready for a backcountry adventure? Be prepared to be self sufficient on this ride. You are unlikely to encounter any people. Unlike other regions in Pisgah, this route has only a few signs and wrong turns are plentiful.

Inspect the trail as you climb as you will be descending this at the end of your ride. You will pop out on a gravel road Barn Ridge. Turn right and pedal to an unmarked trail on the left. Take note of this area as you will need to find the top of Woodruff unsigned when you return.

Turn left and climb for a minute or two then take a left at a Forest Service gate. Descend a double track tonce known as "21 Jump Street. Wilson Ridge climbs left, an old skidder grade drops you to the start of Schoolhouse. Cross the Schoolhouse Road and muster your resources to climb a few headwalls to the top of Schoolhouse Ridge.

Get ready for wild combat with deep and menacing trenches full of rocks and drops. Stay straight at a sign for Mortimer Campground. At the gravel road NC 90 , turn right and begin a long climb passing through the historic timbertown of Edgemont. Find the top of Woodruff and begin the grand finale back to your vehicle. Local Trail Association.


Freehub Magazine Review: Bachelor Dropper Post and Loam Lever

The quarterly magazine is in its tenth year of delivering the highest quality of stories, photo epics, and videos for its audience. Photos by Jann Eberharter. We need to run another component and cable on the bike just because we are too lazy to use our quick release? How wrong I was. I—like everyone else—have become accustomed to having the ability to change between climbing and descending seat heights without skipping a beat. A David and Goliath reference might be a little extreme when talking about small companies taking on mega corporations, but recently there have been a number of home-grown brands entering the component game.


Freehub Magazine

Follow Freehub Magazine: YouTube Facebook Instagram Twitter This video has no comments yet play Every trail has a story—be it behind the name, behind the location or behind the builder. With decades-old tech trails, world-famous racetracks and purpose-built flow trails, the region has plenty of everything. When he wants a certain IPA, he brews it. When he sees the opportunity for a trail, he builds it—legally.


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We sit down with Walsh, owner of Evil Bikes, to discuss his East Coast roots, how he got into playing blues music and the thrill of racing rally cars. Part Two, the story of Evil Bikes, drops next week! Tag along with Scotty as he heads out on his Monday delivery route for Freehub Magazine! We talk with Aggy about competing in Rampage, the Canadian comedy Fubar and lessons learned from the sale of an old El Camino.



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