Zulum This makes it possible for you to brilliant out the fundamental search. Leider gelingt mir das Einbuchen des Headsets in die Basisstation nicht. Was geht nun also genau und wie muss man vorgehen bei der Installation? Bedienungsanleitung siemens euroset im pdfformat. Se gigaset handbuch siemens gigaset amanual siemens gigaset quicksync.

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No, this is not possible. It is not possible to upgrade to this function with a newer firmware. What is meant by Night service? With the night service feature you can configure timed call forwarding, e. In the same way as external call forwarding, only MSNs that the relevant handset has configured as an incoming MSN can be forwarded externally. If the night service is already activated, it must be deactivated again in order to alter the forwarding destination.

What is the meaning of "Bluetooth"? Bluetooth devices recognize each other automatically How is a doorbell connection signalized? A call at the entrance telephone is signalled 3 short tones.

The call is signalled a total of 5 times and is then automatically ended by the entrance telephone. What do I have to take into account basically running my device with Bluetooth? No, faxing is only possible via the USB interface of the base station or with a wireless adapter. While faxing with a wireless connection, the running time of the signals can cause problems during the fax transmission.

For the Bluetooth adapter you have to setup the Dial up Networking Service. Basically, it is possible to make an online connection without installing any Gigaset Software. Below we describe both possibilities. Enter the Internet Account Information. How fast is the data rate when accessing the Internet via a Bluetooth connected computer?

A channel bundling via Bluetooth is not possible! How many Bluetooth connections can be used simultaneously? It makes sense to have a maximum of 2 connections simultaneously e. Is it possible to use a headset and a mobile phone at the same time via Bluetooth?

The mobile has to be set to GSM usage and the headset has to be set to Headset usage — it is not possible to use both profiles at the same time. CLIP information will be transferred as well. Subscriber of the base station can make calls via the GSM network.

It is also irrelevant if the call is coming from the GSM network or not. To differentiate an incoming GSM call from a fixed line call you can also allocate a different ringer tone for GSM calls. Furtheron you can place the GSM mobile phone at any place in a house having sufficient network reception. No call will be missed anymore and there is no need of calling the mailbox.

You can make your calls via the DECT handset as well. To support voice calls it should also support the "Handsfree" profile. For these and more information please have a look at the manual of your Bluetooth device or contact your dealer. What can I do if I face problems trying to register Bluetooth devices? Please make sure that you do not connect a Bluetooth device while another one is already connected and activated!

If the registration port of the GSM phone or headset is already in use you will get a message telling that the registration is aborted. In this case you have to release the port by deregistration of the device. A direct re-registration as with DECT devices is not possible.

Bluetooth devices have to be deregistered and registered again! If the registration takes an unusually long time or if the registration is not possible after some tries you should disconnect the Gigaset from power supply.

What do I have to take into account for GSM usage? Please contact your mobile phone dealer for more information. The speech quality might decrease otherwise. What do I have to take into account running a headset? To use the headset you have to switch the Bluetooth modus to headset modus! The battery of the headset should be fully charged to secure a trouble free performance. With a range from more than 10 meters the speech quality decreases depending on the surrounding What is the meaning of "Bluetooth"?

Bluetooth devices recognize each other automatically What is the range of the connected Bluetooth devices? Which Bluetooth headsets are recommended? The following headsets are tested with our Gigaset device SL


Bedienungsanleitung SIEMENS GIGASET SX353ISDN



Siemens gigaset SX353isdn Bedienungsanleitung



Service für Gigaset SX353



Bedienungsanleitung SIEMENS GIGASET SX353


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