Werewolf Resources Glass Walker Gifts A list of all Glass Walker tribe Gifts for Werewolf: the Apocalypse, compiled from all source books, using the revised edition of books when available. System: The player spends one Gnosis point to receive an extra action. For the rest of the scene, the Garou need not be able to see his opponents in order to attack them. No visibility modifiers or off-hand penalties affect his actions while this Gift is in effect. This Gift does not make plants grow supernaturally fast; it simply gives them a chance for life where none existed before.

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Naturally, given the skeptical outlook most of the tribe possess, they are seen as allegories at best and utter rubbish at worst. Most Glass Walkers also tend to think of the Impergiums as allegories of werewolf activities back in these days. Earliest History Edit Warders of Apes In their earliest incarnation, the Glass Walkers were known as the Warders of Apes or sometimes Warders of Men and inhabited the region in the Middle East that would eventually become Palestine, hiding themselves in the Jewish population.

Evolving side by side with the human inhabitants, the tribe further adapted to city life. When the great Western civilizations like Rome and Carthage arose, the Warders moved in and adapted further, relishing the Greek philosophies and competing with both the Silver Fangs and the various vampire factions for power. This attracted other members of the tribe, resulting in a major migration from the Levant to Italy. The Warders mainly focused on the Roman military and its expansion into the barbaric lands.

At some point in ancient times, the Boli Zousizhe split off from the Warders in China and lost contact with their Western cousins, eventually developing into a distinct culture. The City Warders insinuated themselves into the Church in order to protect themselves from the powerful Leeches that dominated the cities and prospered in the learning centres of medieval Europe.

Various Glass Walkers also tried to make the Church more "Gaian", introducing icons of Mary as icons of Gaia and even extended into rural landscapes in the form of monasteries as places of peace and reflection. Other Warders, like those living in the Levant, adopted Islam instead.

Renaissance Edit During this period, the prevailing Camp was that of the Tetrasomians. The Tetrasomnians were heavily influenced by Humanism, wanting to create a "Garouism" for werewolves that would champion the rationality and responsibility of the Garou.

By balancing the various aspects of their souls, which were modeled after the Greek gods and the Triat , a werewolf would understand both the struggle he had to wage and his place in it. The tribe was modeled like a mystery cult during these days. The Tribe also began to drift apart during these days, as more and more Tetrasomnians traveled to the New World to make their fortune.

Inspired by the ideals of Enlightenment, many of these called for a dissolution of the concept of tribe, seeing it as distracting from the purpose of combating the Wyrm. The Tetrasomnians later perished when they sacrificed themselves to defeat a powerful Bane that had awakened in the industrial landscape of England. Rising to prominence due to their involvement in the colonies, the Iron Riders finally found common ground with the rest of the Garou Nation in fighting the native tribes.

Following the Industrial Revolution, many Iron Riders dedicated themselves to reducing the harm caused by new technology, and the new banes they created. Dedicated on finding more urban spirit Incarna and securing their aid against the Wyrm, the Glass Walkers weathered both World Wars.

In , it was discovered that one of the camps within the tribe, the CyberDogs, had indulged in cybernetic experimentation with unwilling Lupus. The situation quickly escalated into violence, resulting in a near-extermination of the camp and the advent of the Random Interrupts as the dominant power group within the tribe. Given the shifting nature of the tribe and its adaptability to human culture, most of the practices stem from the dominant Camp within the Tribe.

Camps Edit Random Interrupts, the current top dogs of the tribe, who attempt to broaden the horizon of the Garou for new developments in the umbral landscape and explore the world of new technologies, establishing a firm presence on the internet and valuing their top-notch communication.

Corporate Wolves, who insert themselves strongly in the corporate world and strive to keep Wyrm-influenced corporations like Pentex in check. Wise Guys, a camp on the decline that focuses on organized crime. Originally, it had strong ties with the Mafia. City Farmers, who cultivate greenscapes within cities in order to nurture enclaves of the Wyld within the webs of the Weaver.

Dies Ultima, a doomsday cult and mercenary unit that prepares for the Apocalypse by studying urban tactics and spiritual warfare, even allowing Kinfolk to join their ranks. Umbral Pilots, who explore the Deep Umbra for science. Additionally, there are the CyberDogs, who have dabbled in cyberneticism and Weaver tech and tried to machinize Gaia to make her more resilient against the Wyrm. The Camp was stripped of much of its power, but still persist. Tribal Culture Edit As the tribe most attuned to the ebb and flow of a cosmopolitan urban civilization, the Glass Walkers resist most efforts to categorize them culturally.

They do not have a "source culture" in the same way that the Fianna or the Wendigo do, and as such a Glass Walker sept in New York is likely to be entirely different to a Glass Walker sept in Istanbul.

However, some generalizations can be made.



Doujora Whereas the latter tribe holds the streets and slums as its domain, the Glass Walkers are in the thick of the financial and technological flow, fighting their battles as often with guns, computers, and bank accounts as with fang and claw. This allows her to live among humans and maintain a family. An urban elemental teaches this Gift. With this Gift, the Glass Walker can make a phone call, send an email or fax and expect some sort of backup; some master Theurges simply knock on the nearest door and wait to see who emerges.


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