Leone Garoul si really a problematic character, walking on the edge of right and wrong behaviour. She has some ideas of her own as to what they really are. That being said, I have found Gail McKnight to be a fantastic writer, holdenseal terrific, fun dialog and very engaging characters. Learn more about Gill McKnight.

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Amy returns to her childhood home, Little Dip, to finish the illustration work that her aunt started before she became sick and had to be hospitalised. Soon after her arrival in Little Dip, Leone Garoul appears and old wounds are reopened. Amy and Leone were teenage sweethearts and their blossoming romance was suddenly plucked away when Leone left without a word. In response, Amy fled to Europe where she did odd jobs and studied to be an artist like her aunt.

But there is something sinister in the woods. Add to that a mysterious request to add some marks that seem irrelevant to an already completed illustration.

Amy soon finds herself in danger and unsure of who is friend or foe. Can she really trust her feelings for Leone? Their chemistry is undeniable but Leone is keeping something from her. And why do all the Garouls keep lying to her about seemingly innocent things? The Characters Amy is the main character. I absolutely loved that. Leone was brooding and a fun character to get to know. I loved her sex drive and how she thought when she was a wolf.

The Writing Style I enjoyed the novel. The writing was good and the mystery was fun. The Narration Melissa Sternenberg narrated this one. This was an audiobook exception, I loved it possibly even more than the original book. A great narrator adds their own kind of special magic. The Pros I loved that McKnight did a butt sex scene. I am a fan of unique sex scenes in lesfic.

Well done, Gill. This makes a great audiobook and I think I may have even enjoyed it more than the first time I read it. The Cons None. The Conclusion A fun read. A great combination of genres and an altogether exciting story. I recommend it if you are in the mood for something fun. Also, this is the beginning of a series which is awesome for those who love a good series. And if you love audiobooks then get this on audio. No way. Not here. Amy wanted it understood she was not going to comply.

She had practically grown up in Little Dip Valley. Amy was as good as adopted into the Garoul family that owned it. She did not need an escort to go and work in the forest or mountains. Amy was a long way removed from the gullible teenager who years ago had left Little Dip to study art in Europe.

A lot had changed and Leone had best remember that.


Garoul Series

The star-pointed flowers were a perfect accompaniment for the sentiment. They were shy and delicate blossoms. Amy knew Leone had hunted these down in some far-off stony area. They did not grow in the rich loam by the river.



A love that haunts all it touches. I also love this idea as mcnkight basis for a series of books. I read this book after Ambereye. I cannot possibly say how aggravating that was. Now bh an issue that destroys the whole story for me the longer I think about it. As more and more of the Garoul family arrive for a special hunting weekend, parts of the puzzle come together and Amys fears escalate as she moves closer to the truthand the secret that has eluded her since childhood.




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