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To the indestructible Goraksh! You grant boons assuming any desired form. You are always benevolent to your devotees. Whoever sings praises in your name, destroy their sorrows for many a lifetimes.

Your knowledge can be attained through yoga practice of abstract meditation. So vast is your presence in the world, it cannot be fathomed or described completely by us. Your glory and might are described in the vedas. Omniscient, you know the thoughts that prevail in the mind of all beings. The 84 accomplished sidhas bow to you. Matted hair adorns your head like Shiva.

Divine beings and sages worship you, without you there is no deity for us. Kindly be benevolent and destroy our misfortunes. Gorakshnath enlightens the entire world! Assuming the form of Shiva, you play his drum.

Beautiful kundals large hoop earrings worn by nath yogis in the cartilage of the ears adorn your ears. By killing the demons, you protect your devotees. You are enlightened with perfection in yoga, always dwelling in the souls of the saints. Victory to the indestructable Goraksh, relieve your devotees from the cycle of births and deaths. O great ascetic give us the perfect knowledge of yoga and destroy our delight in sinful acts.

You can even stop the onslaught of Yama, the God of death. Without you who would help me? Many perfected yogis wander on this earth, but you have neither birth nor death here. You are ever existent. Please stop the cycle of births and deaths according to hindu mythology beings have to go through the suffering of 1,84, births and deaths before the soul attains nirvana. To practice your austerities everyday is very difficult, but those who succeed become unsurpassed, unbounded yogis.

You have meditated andmerged with the highest spirit of the universe. Hence those who meditate on you are endowed with asta-sidhi eight types of supernatural powers and nine infinitely precious qualities. You give salvation to the wicked and the wretched people from their sinful lives. O mysterious, invisible, fearless master, you are omniscient. Yogis and ascetics performing great austerities bow their heads in respect for you. You immortalized Gopichand and Bharatari kings who becamehis staunch disciples.

O respected teacher, do listen to our pleas too. Accepting me as your devotee, bestow upon me yourteachings. You purify the sinful and extricate the down trodden and fallen people. For their benefit is your incarnation in the world. Creator and propagator of the path of yoga, salutations to you o indestructible Goraksh.

The eighty-four accomplished disciples serve and worship you. One who reads the forty verses of Goraksh chalisa everyday, would attain with perfect knowledge and super powers becoming a master in yoga.

Offering the rote prasad made with wheat flour with lighted lamp incense, one should meditate deeply with folded hands. Master of the world, you are the divine incarnate of Shiva. Let me be always at your service, mornings and evenings always ready for your command. Such death is sweet. Take slow cautious steps in the path of yoga.

Let not pride overtake you. Lead a simple life free of passions , says Goraksanath. See with your eyes the illusions of the world , hear with your ears but never speak.

Just be a dispassionate witness to the happenings around you. Do not react. One should repair to a solitary place and chant this mantra so devoutly that he becomes oblivious of his own body 6 Siva goraksa subhanama, Me sakti bhari agadha Lene se haim tara, Gaye nica koti ke vyadha Om Siva Goraksa Yogi- this auspicious mantra contains measureless sakti power.

It is so powerful that even sinners of the worst kind have attained moksa just by chanting this mantra. It is very capricious and is always engaged in mischief non spiritual activities , thus causing a man to drift away from the true path.

One may either let the good prevail or may allow free play to the evil instincts. This mind is pure and pious only when it lets the good in it prosper. If the mind promotes the evil instincts residing in it then it becomes impure and impious. Yogamarga is the means by which the mind can be trained to promote and sustain the good instincts. Posted by.


Guru gorakh nath chalisa lyrics in hindi



श्री दुर्गा चालीसा- Durga Chalisa


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श्री गोरख नाथ चालीसा-Gorakh Chalisa In Hindi & English


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