A bomb calorimeter is a type of constant-volume calorimeter used in measuring the heat of combustion of a particular reaction. A basic calorimeter device consists of a container and thermometer. It is an insulated container into which the material you want to measure is put. Basically, a bomb calorimeter consists of a small cup to contain the sample, oxygen, a stainless steel bomb, water, a stirrer, a thermometer, the dewar or insulating container to prevent heat flow from the calorimeter to the surroundings and ignition circuit connected to the bomb. Bomb calorimeter in the food industry A calorie is just a measurement of energy- the amount of energy needed to raise 1 gram of water 1 degree Celsius at standard atmospheric pressure. Calories in food are actually measured in kilocalories, so actual calories for every 1 Calorie listed.

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The patented Quick Twist-Lock vessel closure design allows one operator to run up to four Calorimeters simultaneously. It is a good choice for high precision quality control work and for research and development. Multiple bomb choices are available, expanding its functionality. Model Compensated Jacket Calorimeter The Parr Compensated Calorimeter takes advantage of the real time, continuously corrected method originally developed by Parr Instrument Company.

This real time correction can produce superior results. This feature will make it attractive for coal testing, waste and refuse disposal work, and other sample testing.

This new moderately priced, compact calorimeter combines a static jacket system with the convenience of automated oxygen filling. Model Plain Jacket Calorimeter A reliable calorimeter, the can be used for the same broad range of solid and liquid combustible samples as our other more advanced calorimeters. Its modest cost and simple design make the model suitable for low throughput and minimal precision work such as sample screening and student instruction.

Model Semimicro Calorimeter The Semimicro Calorimeter is a compact, static jacket, calorimeter designed specifically for measuring the heat produced by the combustion of small samples.


IKA C 6000 Bomb-type Calorimeter

Van hoog naar laag sorteren IKA C1 calorimeter The C 1 static jacket oxygen bomb calorimeter represents a giant leap forward in calorimeter technology by featuring a high degree of automation in a compact design; the smallest calorimeter footprint available. The temperature readings are analyzed according to the classical isoperibol method of Regnault Pfaundler. The traditionally known, comparably heavy screw threaded decomposition vessel, has been replaced by a light and easily attachable combustion chamber. IKA C calorimeter C System consists of the following components: Measuring cell C Oxygen filling station C Consumables for calibrations and installation Space-saving and low cost combustion calorimeter for determing gross calorific values of liquid and solid samples. Suitable for teaching and training, as well f. Manual handling for water and oxygen filling. Four different working methods, isoperibolic, dynamic, manual, time controlled makes possible an ideal adjustment of different operating tasks.


C6000 Calorimeters

How does a bomb calorimeter work? The fuel sample can be a solid or liquid, but not a gas. Our calorimeters require approximately 0. We need to have the weight entered with four decimal places i. Place crucible inside the stainless steel container "the bomb vessel" and fill bomb vessel with 30 bar psi or 30 atm of pure oxygen. Place the filled bomb vessel inside the calorimeter and close the lid. The bomb vessel is now sealed and isolated from outside temperature influences.


Bomb Calorimeter

IKA C IKA C1 Bomb Calorimeter , adalah suatu rangkaian alat instrument untuk mengukur besaran kalori dari suatu maretial, baik itu berupa cair maupun padatan, aplikasinya sangat luas seperti batubara, pakan ternak, farmasi, buah-buahan, buangan pabrik, petroleum, universities and research institutes, agriculture, biomass dal lain-lain. Bomb Calorimeter IKA merupakan produk calorimeter yang mendominasi pasar calorimeter internasional, banyak negara sudah menggunakan Bomb Calorimeter IKA ini dan memberikan hasil yang sangat memuaskan, hal ini tidak terbantahkan lagi melihat dari produksi dan penjualan yang terus meningkat dari tahun ke tahun. Dalam hal ini IKA memproduksi calorimeter dalam beberapa type susuai dengan kebutuhan para customer dan user. The C 1 calorimeter possesses a high degree of automation while maintaining the smallest footprint on the market, thus changing how calorimeters will be viewed and operated in the future. The C 1 is a calorimeter with a static jacket.


How does a bomb calorimeter work?


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