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Emotional Intelligence IE has also been subject to heated debates by prominent thinkers. The following examples will give you more incentive to engage a larger number of employees who possess Emotional Intelligence.

Below are eight reasons why you should do this Teamwork improves High IE people communicate better with their colleagues than those who are not in harmony with their Emotional Intelligence. They share ideas and are open to the thoughts of others. They are less inclined to dominate a situation and "take charge" of something, without first consulting with others.

This creates confidence when the team is to work together. Improved customer service When you work in an office where colleagues and associates go well, cooperate and respect each other, work is the most beautiful and the work culture is stronger.

This is reflected in a more positive customer service. Embracing change It is natural for employees to cope with change. With change, fear, anxiety and tension can come as well. However, employees with high emotional intelligence adapt and embrace change more easily together with company goals.

Employees in harmony with IE receive and use feedback in a positive way to improve and grow. The toughest situations are better managed People with High Emotional Intelligence know how to manage challenging situations, such as unsatisfied clients, unsatisfied associates or managers dissatisfied with your job.

Another high level of IE will be manifested in maintaining calm and positivity during difficult conversations and setting boundaries in case of disagreement, conflict, and disciplinary action if you are a leader. People create stronger relationships and support each other Emotional Intelligence appears when we show compassion for others by helping and covering the responsibilities of a colleague who is going through a difficult time due to a personal problem.

The act of compassion shown among colleagues or managers and employees, unites people and improves the morals and reputation of your company. The deadlines and objectives at work are easily met The terms and objectives at work are easily fulfilled.

Hire a team of high emotional intelligence and see how efficiently they will manage time to meet projects and respect important deadlines, compared to low IE employees.

For drivers this means less need for micromanagement. People with high IE know how to prioritize tasks and accomplish work in a short time. People are more self-motivated People with high IE have an open mentality. They are optimistic, more resilient when faced with obstacles not easily delivered and more motivated in their ambition, striving to achieve a goal, take initiatives and act in the face of opportunities.

Are you aware of your feelings and why are you feeling that way? Are you aware of your limitations and your personal strengths? Can you manage the worrying emotions - for example, to get yourself swiftly angry or stressed?

Can you adjust without a problem to the changing realities? Do you focus on the main objectives and do you know the steps needed to achieve it? Can you understand the feelings of the people you interact with and their way of looking at things?

Can you negotiate a satisfactory deal and give your help in resolving conflicts? Do you have the ability to persuade others and use your influence effectively?


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Çfarë është inteligjenca emocionale dhe pse na shërben!


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