Isaqc article needs additional citations for verification. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Hari and Dors narrowly evade capture at Streeling University, and Hummin arranges for them to be sheltered in the reclusive Mycogen sector, which supposedly values its ancient history. It may be time to start at the beginning and work my way through. Cover of fumdatiei first edition. Log in Sign up.

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Shelves: sci-fi What I have done is to prove that it is possible to choose starting conditions from which historical forecasting does not descend into chaotic conditions, but can become predictable within limits. However, what those starting conditions might be I do not know, nor am I sure that those conditions can be found by any one personor by any number of peoplein a finite length of time.. However, what those starting conditions might be I do not know, nor am I sure that those conditions can be found by any one person—or by any number of people—in a finite length of time..

If you are considering reading this classic sci-fi series I personally recommend reading them in publication order rather than chronological order. Originally Asimov had no plan to write more than three Foundation books so clearly, the original trilogy have to stand on its own and there is no reason to read the prequels to follow them. Come to think of it I always recommend reading all series books in publication order, if you need to read the prequels in order to understand the original books then those original books leave something to be desired.

Hari Seldon is the genius mathematicians who developed psychohistory which he uses to guide the destiny of the entire human race scattered across the galaxy. In the original trilogy Seldon is a very wise old man, here for the first time we meet the legendary man in his thirties.

He has just conceived of psychohistory as a mathematical concept but has no idea how to make it practical. At the beginning of Prelude to Foundation he is presenting his paper on psychohistory at a convention of mathematicians held in Trantor, the capital of the Galactic Empire. The sensational idea of - theoretically - being able to predict history using mathematics brings him to the attention of Cleon I, the Galactic Emperor and his formidable henchman Eto Demerzel.

After summoning Seldon to quiz him about the practicality of psychohistory the Emperor lets him go but keeps him under surveillance in case he manages to make something useful out of his theory. Each sector they stay in has very distinctive, peculiar culture and social mores.

The authorities eventually catches up with him with surprising result. Eventually, they come face to face with Demerzel and the denouement is quite unpredictable and amusing. The substance of the conversations is generally interesting enough not to grind the narrative to a halt, but the original trilogy is much more tightly written.

On the other hand, in the 80s Asimov was more interested in developing characters. These characters are not particularly deep or subtly nuanced but they are quite likable and accomplish more than just driving the plot forward. It seems that the main idea of Prelude to Foundation is to take a closer look at psychohistory. One criticism of the original trilogy that I have seen is the basic tenet of psychohistory, which has been criticized as not only impossible but unbelievable.

I suspect Asimov was aware of this criticism and uses it as a major theme for this novel. Still, this book gives psychohistory more of a background and I dig it. Prelude to Foundation is mostly an entertaining and pleasant read, it does become a little loquacious and dry from time to time; not intolerably so, but less of that stuff would have been nice.

However, fans of the series should not miss it. Forward the Foundation next! It is, however, divided into hundreds of sectors with around 50 million people in each.

Having said that, Asimov himself recommends the chronological order which would mean starting with this book, Prelude to Foundation. Basically, it is entirely up to you. It is quite fun, though. Even when it seems to work, it can only be described as metastable; that is, as too apt to fall into instability in one direction or another.


Preludiul Fundatiei





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