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Recognised worldwide as the sole industry-consensus standard for soldering processes and materials, IPC J-STDE encompasses advanced technologies and provides new and updated criteria for all three classes of construction as well as expanded support for lead-free manufacturing. The product of a four-and-a-half year revision process involving more than 3, meeting hours from dedicated volunteers in the USA, Asia and Europe as well as countless hours of industry-wide review through the consensus-building balloting process, IPC J-STDE contains new, expanded, updated and consolidated soldering criteria. In addition to the technical changes made to the standard, extensive enhancements were made to the organization of the document to improve ease of use and clarity. New and updated, full-colour illustrations facilitate further understanding. DEK expands stencil manufacturing network Building on its comprehensive global stencil manufacturing base, DEK has recently expanded the reach of its stencil operations by appointing Gauteng-based stencil specialist, Laser Stencil Technology PTY Ltd, as a new licensee. The DEK stencil franchise and license philosophy ensures that manufacturing is strategically positioned to serve local customers with the most advanced stencil production equipment, quick turnaround capabilities, superior personalised service and technical expertise.

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Translated training materials for this program are available. Additional languages are continuously being added. Training material order lists for these two space addendum training options is under the "Support for…" links above.

The standard describes materials, methods and verification criteria for producing high quality soldered interconnections. The standard emphasizes process control and sets industry-consensus requirements for a broad range of electronic products. IPC received hundreds of requests from companies worldwide to support this critical standard with a formal training program that recognizes individuals as qualified instructors and provides them with teaching materials.

Now, IPC has an industry developed and approved comprehensive, hands-on solder training and certification program based on J-STD that gives companies all the tools they need to increase employee skills and performance. The training program uses soldering labs and demonstrations as well as classroom instruction to teach the standard criteria. Certified IPC Trainer candidates who successfully complete the soldering workmanship portions of the course and the certification examination are given the instructional materials needed for training Application Specialists.

The Application Specialists training is "modularized," meaning that training on the entire document is not required. Application Specialists must be trained on the introductory section, and then may be trained on other modules covering: wires and terminals, through hole technology, surface mount technology and inspection.

The type of solder alloy used for application specialist training is optional, based on the needs of the company. This program is offered as a service to industry, therefore its adoption is not a precondition for any company to purchase the standard or claim that they build product to its requirements.

Program Benefits Those interested in company-wide quality assurance initiatives have an IPC-sponsored program to support their commitment to continuous operations and product improvement. All IPC J-STD Registered Instructors receive the instructional materials for teaching the Operator Proficiency training course, including: A CD-ROM with full color visuals covering all aspects of the standard and training course, student handbook files for royalty-free printing, and all reports and forms required for conducting Application Specialist training.

Test kits based on this artwork are recommended for Application Specialist soldering demonstrations.


J-STD-001E-HU: Villamos és elektronikai szerelvények forrasztási követelményei

In the event of a conflict between the text of this standard and the applicable documents cited herein, the text of this standard takes precedence. The likelihood of criteria not aligning increases when different revisions are used together. The user customer has the responsibility to specify acceptance criteria. If no criteria is specified, required, or cited, then best manufacturing practice applies. Dispositions include, but are not limited to, rework, use as is, scrap or repair. Insulating material needs to provide sufficient electrical isolation. Figure Overwrap Figure Overlap 1.


IPC J-STD-001 Schulung und Zertifizierung



IPC-J-STD-001G: Les exigences relatives au brasage d’assemblages électroniques et électriques


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