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Page 2 GN Page 5 2d Multifunction button About the GN The GN is a cordless headset solution, made up of a cordless headset and a base unit that is connected to your telephone.

The GN gives you full mobility, hands- free convenience and superior sound quality for your telephone conversations. Page 6 Battery charging and use When not in use, place the headset in the base unit, ensuring the link-up indicator 1b is not lit, to charge the battery. If the link-up indicator is lit after placing the headset, remove the headset from the base unit and place it in the base again.

If battery charge is too low, a beep will be heard in the headset every 20 seconds. Page 7 Received sound volume adjustment Adjust the volume of received sound according to personal prefer- ence.

To adjust the volume: 1. Make a telephone call and ask the person you are calling to assist you. Page 8 Earhook 4 wearing style. With an earhook, you can wear your headset on your right or left ear, according to personal preference.

Complete the following steps: 1. Rotate the boomarm degrees. Note: The boomarm cannot be rotated a full degrees. Do not force the boomarm when it cannot be rotated any further. Remove the headset from the base unit when you receive a call. Note: If you are already wearing the headset, simply press the multifunction button 2d on the headset momentarily to answer the incoming call.

For replacing the battery, please read the instructions in this guide carefully. Only GN Netcom-approved bat- teries can be used. Page 15 3. Pour remplacer la batterie, veuillez lire attentivement les instructions fournies dans ce guide.

Para ajustar el volumen: 1. Haga una llamada y pida a su interlocutor que le ayude. Page 20 Estilo gancho 4. Siga estos pasos: 1. Gire el brazo grados. Cuando llegue al tope de giro, no fuerce el brazo. Para ajustar o volume: 1. Para terminar a chamada, coloque o auscultador do telefone no gancho.

Guarde este guia do utilizador para consultar futuramente. Page 30 Australia: Tel. This manual is also suitable for:.


JABRA GN9125 Flex Datasheet



Jabra GN9125 Flex Manuals



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