From far above, he watched with unwavering dark eyes as they walked down the shadowy street. The human male was so absorbed in his flirtation with his female, he would have no chance of protecting her from harm should they be surprised by a threat. What if he were to drop onto them from his current height? The debate of defense would be futile as well. A human versus one of his ilk? Jacob the Enforcer exhaled a sardonic laugh.

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I have put off starting this series for a while now because, a lot of my friends have had mixed reviews about it. I really Enjoyed it! Now I am ready for more This book is about Jacob a year old demon. The Enforcer for his people, it is his job to uphold the ancient law that forbids demons to mate humans.

A job that leaves him isolated and very lonely. He has never felt the forbidden desires for humans or the curse of the moon 4. He has never felt the forbidden desires for humans or the curse of the moon like a lot of his people fall prey too.

He is in total control at all times, until he meets bella. He was sexy, strong, overprotective, and a straight up bad ass! He was very funny and sweet with bella. The playfulness between him and bella was adorable He is loyal, honorable, and respectful. I know you remember where it is, too. I no longer know what is right.

He inhaled through his nose, a long, purposeful breath. Your scent. It drives me mad. She was so brave, smart and strong. Very playful and funny. She was understanding, caring,and sweet, but she was also Kick ass and sassy. I love that she stood up to Jacob! Your heart belongs with mine. I feel this with every molecule of my being. I felt it the moment I saw some idiot walking down a dark street in the Bronx during the scariest hours of the night.

It slammed into him with breathtaking brutality, destroying his sense of direction and balance. Rage surged through him, turning his eyes into glistening black voids. The idea of another man touching that precious skin, kissing her sweet, delicious mouth, was more than he could stand. What she was suggesting this time was too much. Beyond too much.

If I end up one of these Demon cops, some attitudes around here are going to change. You understand? So much built up tension. Their chemistry was like POW! I was totally invested in their relationship. Every time I read those names I had Twilight flash backs Now I am on to the next book Gideon.



It has always been foretold that a Demon mating with a human would bring about repercussions. They are not fables. Not entirely. There is always a grain of truth in everything. You may take that wisdom with you as fact, from one who would know. The one thing she could not argue was that he knew a hell of a lot more than she did.


Jacob (Nightwalkers #1)(28) by Jacquelyn Frank



Nightwalkers Series


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