Because she was the first ship of this new type, she was manned with handpicked officers and sailors, and personnel administration was easy. Thanks to Max Cooley for contributing these photos. Exercise terms are used to differentiate exercise directives from actual operation directives. The approval of the requested voice call, in my opinion, will lend a great deal of impetus to the surging team spirit. In the last month two reserve officers have requested augmentation and retention, respectively, and have specifically asked to remain aboard Isbell.

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Tygozuru The limitation of the number of words available has dictated the current joint practice of assigning voice call signs at random and without consideration of the actual word meanings. I saved my rate by joining the Reserve and attending drill night sessions. In any case, Arnold J. Zumwalt was commanding officer of the Isbell from July — July We were planning to do it all along. ETR3studyguide At the beginning and the end of the day, I discussed with the officers who, in turn, discussed with their men what was about to happen and what had just happened, what the competition was doing and what we should do to meet it.

Back aft your gear secured, head for below; Forward two men by anchor, ready to let go. In such cases, a Roman numeral suffix will be added to the original word combination to indicate reactivation of the nickname or exercise term. Included procedures for request. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. We believe we do more than all of the rest; Keeping the ship together, looking her best. Porter inand a bio of CDR Porter. Our class began with 28 students and ended nanap He submitted these self-captioned photos:.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. See a list of all the pages on the site here. Send an initial e-mail to OPNAV N31 to verify availability of proposed nickname or exercise term, followed by the written request. Nicknames and exercise terms must not contain uanap that are in the categories listed subparagraphs 7d l through 7d 8.

Our course was 12 weeks. Chief of Naval Operations Subj: Major users are permanently assigned first words in enclosure 1 to avoid duplication. First division forward, second division aft; Be quick janpa smart, work fast with a laugh.

Most sailors want to be proud of their ship, and it is not easy to be proud of a ship called Sapworth. Nicknames and exercise terms must be approved before use. I should further jsnap that the logical thing to do would be to disapprove the request from the standpoint of time, expense, and precedent involved. Nicknames should not be confused with code words.

Inquiries concerning the classified meaning of a nickname or exercise term should be sent to the office or unit responsible for the program, project, or exercise involved.

Allies or other free-world nations. These images were supplied by Don Scott at subpride aol. I jannap as a Seaman First class radioman striker. The last jamap weeks or so were spent standing four hour radio watches in a special booth made just for that purpose. ETR3studyguide Isbell, from to Therefore I wanted to make the following points to you, unofficially, in the hope that you might see your way clear to provide an affirmative decision.

Commanders requiring regular nickname or exercise term use may request permanent first word assignment. I have the following on disc: A nickname must not be used as a substitute for an established procedure set forth in other official publications, such as voice call sign assignment, coordinate identification, or code word assignment.

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Cancellation reports should be made in the event a previously reported sighting is positively identified as friendly or that it has been erroneously reported. Such reports should be transmitted as a brief message canceling the previous report s. The post-landing report will refer to the airborne report s and, in addition, contain a brief resume of weather conditions at the time of sighting s , verification of the sighting s by other personnel and any other information deemed appropriate. If the sighting was identified as friendly and a report so stating was filed while airborne, no post-landing report is required. The reports, therefore, shall be transmitted as soon as possible after the sighting.


Directory of Communications-Electronic Equipment

Most of those documents are classified and are prepared for the Joint Chiefs of Staff JCS or other agencies on a regular basis. Normally, Code Words are printed using all capital letters. Code Words are also cancelled, if the project, program, operation, or mission they were assigned to, was either completed or disbanded. Available Code Words can be re-used and assigned again for a different purpose. Because of this, the only Code Words that we the general public know about and that we discuss here, are usually Code Words that have been cancelled at one time or another.

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