It combines components of a romance novel with a post apocalypse work while still touching on the topics of how governments are controlled by large corporations, the damaging effects of war, the slow and steady dehumanization because of increasing technological use, and many more. Interestingly, the book has patterns of repeating storylines and plots between characters, and characters find and read parts of the book that happened before. This way of storytelling may be hinting at the repetition of history, over and over again, never learning from past mistakes, mistakes which bridge between peoples, planets, and time. The four parts of the book all take place in different time periods and different locations, both on Earth and elsewhere in space. The humans on that planet are steadily advancing towards self destruction of their world when they create another environment capable of supporting humans on another planet.

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The first part is called Planet Blue and it is set in a futuristic past, which is paradoxical but it gets clearer and makes sense towards the end. Our protagonist is a woman named Billie Crusoe who works for Enhancement Services, a counseling service.

The main news in the media is the discovery of the Blue Planet and about the Robo sapiens called Spike who came back after traveling to explore the conditions of the planet for the human habitation. The planet that humans currently live on is on the brink of destruction and this new discovery is crucial for survival. Billie has a job to talk to a woman called Pink , whose husband is a pedophile which made her obsessed with having a surgical reconstruction to look like a child.

Pink also wants to enter the competition to be one of the first travelers to Planet Blue. Later, Billie has an interview with Spike, who is about to get dismantled to make sure that the information she discovered gets erased. Spike asks Billie to help her escape. This is how Billie finds herself aboard the ship to Planet Blue with Handsome , researcher of the planet, Spike and Pink, who won the competition. Since the planet proves dangerous to humans because of dinosaurs and other intimidating forms of life, Handsome decides that the best option is to artificially maneuver an asteroid to hit the planet to destroy these creatures and make the planet habitable to humans.

Handsome and Pink leave the planet and Billie stays behind with Spike; the two became lovers on the way. This part ends with Billie and Spike hiding in a cave. Without the solar energy Spike is shutting down and the two are huddled together waiting for the inevitable. This is where the first part ends. The second part is called Easter Islands and it starts where the first part ended, or where the book Billie opened began.

The date is 13th March, the year A ship crew arrives to Easter Islands. One of the crew boys is called Billy, and he is the protagonist of this part of the novel. He accidentally sleeps more than intended and is left behind on the island.

Then the followers of the Bird Man start a battle with the rest and after that they begin to burn the village. Billy has nowhere to escape and gets rescued by a man who swims towards him and takes him to one of the caverns.

His name is Spikkers and they become lovers. Some time after, Spikkers decides to get into a competition to bring the Bird Man down as a leader. He fails and falls off a cliff. Billy takes him back to their cavern and hugs him until he dies. The Third part of the novel takes place in a futuristic present on Earth, or Planet Blue. It is called Post -3 War because it takes place after a third world war that happened.

There is neither government nor capitalism and everything is controlled by a company called MORE. Billie finds a manuscript called Stone Gods and the plot of it is what happened in the first part of the novel. Billie is a robotic engineer who works on a Robo sapiens called Spike who will serve to better the humanity.

The two have frequents chats about humanity and existence in general and one day Billie decides to take the Robo sapiens head and leave the Tech City. The fourth part of the novel is a continuation of the third. There is a commotion involving a Japanese peace delegation and some bikers and Billie loses Spike. She begins searching for her and ends up in a radioactive forest filled with deformed humans as an aftermath of the war.

Billie is led to Spike by a man called Friday , and she finds her among a group of young women and nuns. In the meantime, there is a bounty hunt for Billie and Spike. Billie has been accused of being a mind behind terrorist plots against humanity, and she has no other choice but to run.

On the run carrying Spike, Billie ends up in an old dish of radio telescope where they pick up an old signal. Then she returns to Wreck City and meets with an old man who tells her he followed her and that the dish she was in is the Lowell Telescope, and he was a worker there in his youth.

The MORE military is coming towards the Wreck City and Friday shows Billie the forest people who finally came out to show themselves, to show the aftermath of the war. The fire begins and Billie takes Spike and escapes toward the telescope. Spike tells Billie that the signal was sent by a Robo sapiens sixty-five million years ago since the dinosaurs, aka her. Billie shows the manuscript of The Stone Gods and tells her that it was left by herself.

Both of them left a message in a bottle to find each other again. Billie decides to surrender herself and hopes to reunite with Spike again in a better world. Update this section!

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The Stone Gods Quotes

I can only suppose that Jeanette Winterson is trying to keep her credits as a "literary" writer even as she openly commits genre. Formerly deep-dyed realists are producing novels so full of the tropes and fixtures and plotlines of science fiction that only the snarling tricephalic dogs who guard the Canon of Literature can tell the difference. Why bother? I am bothered, though, by the curious ingratitude of authors who exploit a common fund of imagery while pretending to have nothing to do with the fellow-authors who created it and left it open to all who want to use it. A little return generosity would hardly come amiss.


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Shelves: science-fiction , dystopia , space-exploration , reviewed , zck , social-commentary , apocalyptic , environmentalism , lgbtq Science fiction that weaves together future, past, and present in three separate but interlinked stories that comment on humanitys penchant for destroying the world, contrasted with an individuals ability to love. In the first section, we see a futuristic setting where materialism and vanity have been taken to extremes. The planet Orbus has been decimated by the inhabitants, so they are searching for a new planet on which to start over. In the last story, set near present time, Earth has experienced World War III called Post-3 War , a corporation governs society, and people impacted by the fallout are attempting to survive in the wreckage. I would like to have seen more deeply drawn characters, especially Spike, as she is of core importance. The dialogue can seem overly-explanatory, but the prose is elegant.

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