Peloponessos Katakolon The first time I had ever heard of Katakolon was in an email from a tourist. She was doing one of those cruises to the Greek islands on one of those massive cruise ships that hold thousands of people that can only go to ports large enough to handle them. She was asking about tours and things to do and she listed the places the ship was stopping: Venice, Crete, Santorini, Rhodes, Mykonos, Patmos, Ephesus, and Istanbul, all places you would expect a Mediterranean cruise ship to go to. I assumed it was some place in Turkey, maybe having something to do with Galipoli or maybe a city on the Black Sea. I asked her if they told her anything about Katakolon, was there anything in the cruise brochure or on the cruise website, but she knew as much about Katakolon as she did about the other stops, which was pretty much nothing. Lots of cruise people are like this.

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Usually the first destination from Katakolon is Olympia and its archaeological site, which is located 37km away from Katakolon port. The road is great though, so you will need approximately 20 minutes to reach the site.

In the case you choose to travel there by taxi or a rental car, you will need even less time. The castle of Chlemoutsi is located 45km from Katakolon, therefore you will need to calculate 30 — 40 minutes approximately by car or taxi.

Mercouri winery is approximately 15km from the port of Katakolon, but you need to consider that you will spend at least thirty minutes touring the winery. In order to reach the beaches of Katakolon, you will need minutes to get there, depending on the beach you will choose.

The main city of Pyrgos, which is the seat of the municipality is 13km away, while the city of Patras is km away, therefore you will need an hour and a half or so to reach it. The distance of Athens from Katakolon is km.

Travel distances from Katakolon All travel distances are mentioned in kilometers and miles Pyrgos : 13km, 8. Athens Airport km 3.


Cruises to Katakolon (Olympia)

They arrive because Katakolon serves as the cruise gateway to Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games. Drive 40 minutes from Katakolon and you are transported back thousands of years. Stand alongside the massive columns, and, with the tales of a good guide, you can envision the once-magnificent temples, athletes training in the palestra and runners readying on the track. Alexander the Great, Nero, Plato and Aristotle are among those who watched the games from where you stand. Tourists flock to the site and its companion museums, including the Archaeological Museum of Olympia, a treasure trove of pieced-together sculptures and statues that once adorned the ancient structures, and the Museum of the History of the Ancient Olympic Games, where you can learn about the original competitions. Note: We recommend that you use Google Maps to locate the destinations in this guide by entering the name of an attraction or business, rather than the address, which often stumps Google Maps. You should also confirm the hours, which are changeable, based on the season and day you will visit.


Katakolon Map — Satellite Images of Katakolon

It is situated on a headland overlooking the Ionian Sea and separating the Gulf of Kyparissia from the rest of Ionia. It is 11 km west of the major town of Pyrgos. Katakolon, Greece became a port of choice to big shipping companies because of Yiannis Latsis a Greek shipping multi-billionaire tycoon, who was born in the little village of Katakolon. He saw the opportunity for people to be able to visit Olympia by encouraging cruise lines to stop at the port village.


What to do in Katakolon, Greece


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