Tazuru He keeps telling this to his grandmother. His father on attempting to teach him Arithmetics found that his books were filled with dust and cobwebs. Malgudi Days TV series — Wikipedia How he grows up, his mischiefs which made his family irritated, his wonder, growing pains and innocence and many aspects are being portrayed in the novel. Views Read Edit View history. Seth suspects a thief, he sets up a trap to reveal that the shop is overrun with rats. While shaking off the dust from his books, the way he banged the books shows his exasperation.

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Malgudi was a portmanteau of two Bangalore localities - Malleshwaram and Basavanagudi , the story is apocryphal. He created the town on September , on Vijayadashami , an auspicious day to start new efforts and thus chosen for him by his grandmother.

Ram, in his mind, he first saw a railway station, and slowly the name Malgudi came to him. In Swami and Friends , Swami, Mani and Rajam spend most of their evenings playing or chatting by the river. In The Guide , holy-man Raju fasts on the banks of the dry river Sarayu, praying for the rains to come.

When Mahatma Gandhi visits Malgudi, the meetings and speeches are held right on the banks of river Sarayu. Kabir Street is the residence of the elite of Malgudi, while Lawley Extension is a new upcoming lane housing the rich and the influential. Ellaman Street, home to the oil-mongers, is the last street and beyond it lies the river Sarayu. The Untouchables and sweepers live on the lower banks of the river. There are also the board school and the town elementary schools.

Other Landmarks Edit Malgudi has a small railway station which in many episodes, is central to the storyline. The statue of Sir Fredrick, seated on a horse, forms another major landmark. Another important place is The Boardless, a small restaurant without any board.

Boardless is a centre of discussion for current events in Malgudi. Mempi Forest Edit Mempi forest is on the other side of Sarayu. It houses many hills and caves. Animals to be found there include tigers , members of the deer family, langurs and water buffalos. It was a town created from his own experiences, his childhood, his upbringing.

The people in it were people he met every day. He thus created a place which every Indian could relate to. A place, where, in the words of Graham Greene from the introduction to The Financial Expert , you could go "into those loved and shabby streets and see with excitement and a certainty of pleasure a stranger approaching past the bank, the cinema, the hair cutting saloon, a stranger who will greet us, we know, with some unexpected and revealing phrase that will open the door to yet another human existence.

Narayan was mostly shot near Agumbe in Shimoga District, Karnataka. Some episodes, however, were also shot at Bengaluru and Devarayanadurga in Tumakuru District, Karnataka.

The concept of Malgudi as an "idyllic spot located in South India " seems to have taken root in popular imagination. Some restaurants offering South Indian fare go by the name or extensions of "Malgudi.

A restaurant named "Malgudi Junction" is located in Kolkata.


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Swami and Friends is the first novel of the trilogy that is set in the fictional town of Malgudi. It is also set in British India- Monday morning the exposition The novel opens with the unpleasant Monday routines of Swaminathan, getting up in the mourning, doing his homework, getting ready and going to Albert mission school. Pillai known for his kindness, and his Scripture master Mr. Ebenezar a fanatic are introduced.


Remember Malgudi Days? Swami and his friends had a reunion and it’ll make you feel nostalgic

I first read Swami and Friends in , and have re-read it to kick off a little review project Narayan Project - No. Famously, Swami and Friends is the work which got RK Narayan his start, when a friend in London showed the manuscript to Graham Greene, leading to its publication, after the friend ignored RKNs instruction to throw the work into I first read Swami and Friends in , and have re-read it to kick off a little review project Narayan Project - No. This all happens in the first five pages. RK Narayan never mucks around.


Swami and Friends



Malgudi Days


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