They are shy and reclusive primates that live only in the rain forests of equatorial Africa. Distinctive Colors and Teeth Mandrills are extremely colorful, perhaps more so than any other mammal. They are easily identifiable by the blue and red skin on their faces and their brightly hued rumps. These distinctive colors become brighter when the animal is excited.

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Metadata is searchable either in the activity view or via the API and is included with webhook events and activity CSV exports. Key names should include only alphanumeric characters and underscores, and names may not start with an underscore.

Field names can contain spaces, but Mandrill does not support searching for field names with spaces or non-alphanumeric characters. Nested data structures are not supported. Values should be limited to scalar types numbers, strings, boolean values, and null.

If your message has many recipients and you want to individualize the metadata for each recipient, you can include recipient-specific metadata. Metadata that does not specify a recipient is applied globally to all recipients of the message, and per-recipient keys take precedence over global keys with the same name. Per-recipient keys take precedence over global keys with the same name. Examples For example, consider the headers for the following message, with three recipients foo example.

The following metadata will be stored. Configure Metadata Fields By default, message metadata is included with webhook calls but NOT included in your search index.

To enable searching and reporting on metadata, you must tell Mandrill which keys to add to its search index. You can do this on the Custom Metadata settings page. Depending on the size of your account, this can take some time. You can also configure each custom field with a unique Mustache template to control how the metadata renders in your activity log.


Does Mandrill Support Attachments?



Using Custom Message Metadata


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