Set in a Parisian bar at the beginning of the 20th century to be more precise , the play imagines a comical encounter between Pablo Picasso and Albert Einstein , both of whom are in their early twenties and fully aware of their amazing potential. In addition to the two historical figures, the play is also populated with an amusingly incontinent barfly Gaston , a gullible yet lovable bartender Freddy , a wise waitress Germaine , along with a few surprises that trounce in and out of the Lapin Agile. The play takes place in one non-stop scene, lasting approximately 80 to 90 minutes. The Meeting of the Minds How to spark the interest of the audience: Bring two or more historical figures together for the first time. Plays such as Picasso at the Lapin Agile belong to a genre all their own.

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At the Lapin Agile, they have a lengthy debate about the value of genius and talent , while interacting with a host of other characters. Each character in Lapin Agile has a specific role.

For example, Schmendiman, an inventor, believes he is a genius but really knows very little, while Gaston, an amicable old Frenchman with prostate problems, is hesitant to listen to or believe anything that does not revolve around sex or drinking.

There is much discussion of the major cultural influences of the twentieth century. Picasso represents art, Einstein represents science, and Schmendiman represents commercialism. Picasso and Einstein eventually realize that their abilities are equally valuable. Once the main characters have reached their moment of insight, "The Visitor", a man from the future, crashes the party. Although the Visitor is never named, his identity can be surmised as Elvis Presley.

He is the boyfriend of Germaine, and seems to be a simple-minded man but occasionally says something truly stunning, and occasionally breaks the fourth wall. She has many ideas of what the 20th century will be like, and has slept with Picasso. He is a genius, with a book on the way called The Special Theory of Relativity. He often finds himself having to explain his theories and thoughts in a simpler fashion to the rest of the group, as he is wise beyond his years.

Extremely egotistical and self-confident, he is a serial womanizer and master of manipulation. Although he is hardworking, he is overshadowed by the genius and talent of Einstein and Picasso. She thinks like he does, being the one person to really understand him in the play. He is a blue-suede-shoed musician. The play has also had successful runs in other American cities. On November 27, , Martin announced on his website that "there is no movie of Picasso at the Lapin Agile in the works".

The petitioners objected to some of the adult themes and content, in response to which Martin wrote that the students knew that the "questionable behavior sometimes evident in the play is not endorsed".

Martin responded to the banning of the play at La Grande High School with an offer to underwrite a production of the play at an alternative location, stating he did not want the play to acquire "a reputation it does not deserve".


"Picasso at the Lapin Agile" by Steve Martin



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