Adakkaagi Bharatada ela naukarigalalli jana sankhe anupaatadalli nyaochita palu beku. We have enclosed details in annexure Sarojini Mahishi, Member of Parliament was Chairperson of this committee. It had Prof. Gopala Krishna Adiga, Shri. Satya, Shri.

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Budget of the Authority. Power to make rules. Power of Authority to make regulations. Hence the Bill. Obtained from L. Bill No. Short title and commencement. The Act has come into force by notification w. The Text of the notification is at the end of the Act. Constitution of the Authority. Omitted by Act 26 of 97 w. Inserted by Act 26 of 97 w. Term of office and conditions of service. This shall not apply in case of official member.

Disqualification for office of membership. Removal of member. The Secretary shall receive such salary and other allowances as the State Government may determine from time to time.

Officers of the Authority and conditions of service. Meetings of the Authority. Proceedings presumed to be good and valid. Powers and duties of Sub-Committee.

Obtaining the services of experts. Preparation of project and programmes. The State Government may approve the project and programmes with or without modification.

Functions of the Authority. Sarojini Mahishi Report as approved by the State Government; c identify the hurdles in the implementation of Kannada as the administrative language and to take suitable measures to solve them; 1[ ca take action to secure priority for, and promotion of Kannada in the field of education and cultural activities. Officers made responsible to carryout the objectives of the Authority.

Obtaining information. Sarojini Mahishi Report and the Kannada Development from any officer of the State Government and such officer shall be bound to furnish the information sought by the Authority.

Advise by the Authority. Power to record dereliction of duty and to inform the appointing authority. Fund of the Authority. Allocation for project and programme. Grant by State Government. Accounts and audit.

The Government has reportedly finalised the norms to include a representative of the Kannada Development Authority KDA in the appointment boards of public sector units to which the Sarojini Mahishi Report is applicable. The inclusion of a KDA representative in the appointment boards was said to be a major step to pave the way for implementation of the Sarojini Mahishi Report in toto, in phases.

Baragur Ramachandrappa, the Government would have remained unconvinced about the need to give the KDA a representation on the appointment boards. Deshpande, Dr. Ramachandrappa and seven other bureaucrats participated. It discussed various orders issued by the Government and the problems being faced by it in implementing the Sarojini Mahishi Report in full.

It realised the need to give the KDA a representation on the appointment boards, and urged the Directorate of Personnel and Administrative Reforms to take steps in this direction.

Of the 58 recommendations made in the Sarojini Mahishi Report, employment of Kannadigas in the public sector units in the State had become a bone of contention and triggered unsavoury situations. The report had recommended that while filling Group D posts, Kannadigas should be preferred.

It said that 80 per cent of Kannadigas should be appointed against the other posts in the basic salary of up to Rs. But for various reasons, including the alleged regional bias on the part of a section of the authorities in some of the public sector units, and political reasons, the recommendations were not implemented in full.

It was said that the Government was pretending helplessness in implementing the recommendations made by its own committees. In an effort to give priority to Kannadigas in public sector units and commercial banks, the Government constituted a number of committees, including the Margaret Alva Committee August 4, and Dr. Sarojini Mahishi Committee January 25, Sarojini Mahishi Committee submitted its recommendations on December 30, , and the Government constituted a Cabinet Sub- Committee on March 16, , to look into the 58 recommendations.


ಸರೋಜಿನಿ ಮಹಿಷಿ ವರದಿಯಲ್ಲೇನಿದೆ? ಇದರಿಂದ ಕನ್ನಡಿಗರಿಗೇನು ಲಾಭ?

Budget of the Authority. Power to make rules. Power of Authority to make regulations. Hence the Bill. Obtained from L. Bill No.


What is Sarojini Mahishi report? And why Kannadigas call for bandh?

But what is the hue and cry about? What is their demand? Why is the state going for a bandh? We have things simplified for you. Karnataka Sanghatanegala Okkuta -- a congregation of various pro-Kannada organizations -- have called for a bandh in the state from 6 AM on Thursday. Read on to know why are they protesting. Karnataka Bandh: Demanding implementation of Sarojini Mahishi report The pro-Kannada organizations are demanding implementation of decades-old recommendations of Sarojini Mahishi on job reservation for Kannadigas in both the government and the private sectors.

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