What is a servo gear unit? Servo gear units Like all gear units, servo gear units serve as converters of torque and speed and are therefore the central component of every servo gearmotor. The special feature of a servo gear unit: Thanks to its high torsional stiffness while maintaining a very low to constant rotational clearance, it enables extremely high acceleration and high torques. Servo gear units are therefore indispensable for plant operators whose applications require high positioning accuracy, short cycle times, exact speeds, high processing speeds, and maximum dynamics. How do servo gear units work?

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Explosion-proof gear units What is a gear unit? A gear unit is required to convert the torque and speed of an upstream electric motor so that they meet the technical drive requirements of an application.

For that reason, the gear unit is the central component of a gearmotor. How does a gear unit work? Based on the design, size, and gear unit stages, a gear unit transforms the speed of a motor into steps up or steps down. The resulting speed ratio i between the input speed and output speed is therefore one of the most important characteristic values of a gear unit. How powerful a gear unit is and the loads that it can convey depends on its maximum torque, measured in the physical unit newton meters [Nm].

What types of gear unit are available? Gear units are distinguished by the type of force flow that they transmit. As a result, there are three basic designs: Parallel-shaft gear units, right-angle gear units, and planetary gear units. In parallel-shaft gear units and planetary gear units, the input and output shaft are positioned in one direction on the same level. The power is therefore transmitted in a straight line. Parallel-shaft gear units are available in a helical gear unit or parallel-shaft helical gear unit mounting position.

Planetary gear units are a special form. With them, the power transmission is coaxial. In this case, the speed and torque of the input shaft — the central sun gear — are transmitted to an external annulus gear on the output side and transformed by three or more rotating planet gears. Their special feature: The input shaft and output shaft move in the same direction throughout this process. In combination with a servomotor planetary servo gearmotors provide particularly high dynamics and precision.

In right-angle gear units, in contrast, the drive shaft and output shaft are perpendicular to each other — with the result that the flow of force there is diverted at a right angle. There are three established versions of right-angle gear units. Combined with our modular motor system and other components, they provide millions of combination options. For practically every imaginable use case, you can therefore find a gearmotor that is perfectly tailored to your requirements, whether you choose one of our standard gear units, a servo gearmotor, a stainless steel gear unit, or an explosion-proof gear unit.

Standard gear unit Standard gear unit Do you need robust and reliable gear units for your production and logistics? If so, our standard gear units are your perfect solution. You can choose from:.


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Getriebemotor Getriebemotor Bei einem Getriebemotor handelt es sich um eine homogene und kompakte Einheit bestehend aus Getriebe und Motor. Wie funktioniert ein Getriebemotor? Die zentrale Rolle im Getriebemotor nimmt das Getriebe mit seinen Getriebestufen, den Zahnradpaaren, ein. Das Getriebe funktioniert somit als Wandler von Drehmoment und Drehzahl. Welche Typen Getriebemotoren gibt es?


R series helical gear units

Nonetheless, they offer a power range from to 18, Nm. We think they are always a good choice when space is limited. Design and torque are perfectly matched to limited installation space. The figure shows a gearmotor with a parallel-shaft helical gear unit The figure shows a gearmotor with a parallel-shaft helical gear unit One of our best gear units for limited installation space. A wide range of mounting positions and variants enable a broad spectrum of applications even under difficult installation conditions — without having to compromise on the performance.

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