Dublin This book is probably one of the best known in the parker line. I seen it in almost every used book store I have gone in. This is not just a hocus pocus and a lot of nonsense. This book is for REAL.

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Just leap out of your failing self and into your own self of success. Learn, like Dick, how to release your arrested Somo- Psychic Power to succeed every time with a few enjoyable, simple movements. How Tina M. Now that she was promoted to a position previc ly held only by men, she was shocked to learn that her subordinates whispered that she had been "pushed up" being a good "push-over.

Filled with enthu- siasm, Tina mastered quickly the miraculous Body Fog, and freed herself swiftly from enslavement by others. Several days later she unleashed this unsuspected power on her rebellious subordinates and brought them under her con- trol instantly with the stunning Myolax Glance. Her subordinates, to her amazement, seemed hypnotized by her new self. One after another tried to please her, until all of them wer. Your best recourse is to meet them with the magic Somo-Psychic Power to leap into irresistible control over them.

With it you put them instantly under your domination. You can even rout a big, murderous assailant with the "feverish muscle music" of your adrenal gland trance-all with a few body perfecting, simple move- ments. How Earl F. But because was a woman, she complained, she was automatically sidered inferior to a male boss.

I convinced her that attitudes were flexible, and could be changed instantly! It also toned up her lower back would surely go. To help protect Earl I taught him the magic Somo-Psychic Power to leap into being immensely liked by friend or foe. We can prove that before any government company had mvested m b? Smesses; that our 1 , But Larry was not so confident, and grew so un- a man would not show he would keep things bodY th h acted "half-crazed. But 1 also taught him the way of thinking.

Hzs man won the office With an overwhelm. So Psychic Power to leap into his fabulous unsus-. Larry was terrified, although his wife insisted that he was making a mountain out of a! Dole hill, so he perfected Somo-Psychic Power. The sunple movement relaxed his blocking nerve space intra-tension and explored his whole body for his fabulous dormant powers.

He found the powers, Time and again during your life you will face ruino extracted them, and used them with the Somo-Psychic Power prospects, either socially or in business. In an amazing n Controller. Otherwise, life can be tough and lonely. To meet such impasses, maste profit. Two weeks later, the enterprise was under legal fire.

His genes were passed on proud. Your tissues stem from that ancestor! But they could no Y? And since you think not only New legislation was being considered by the state legisla With your brain, but also with your whole body, you CAN ture, though which, Larry feared, could be widened and use this power to flood into your brain tissue instead against his business and ruin it. Elsa, his wife, scoffed an remammg dormant in your reproductive tissue. You will begged him not to worry.

And you do so with a few exciting simple move-.


Somo-Psychic Power

With it you can execute miracles of mind or muscle which equal those of a hypnotized subject. You can cast off illness, dazzle others on sight, acquire a supernatural intuition for the future, regain your lost youth. You can develop a beautiful body if you are a woman , or big, powerful muscles if you are a man. You can pour out the right words in any argument or examination. You can even unleash incredible powers which lie dormant in your genes yes, even the dormant power of your ancestors. It works like a miracle because with it you transform your mind- body magic in a flash into that of a super-being--and leap to your goals.


Somo-psychic power: using its miracle forces for a fabulous new life


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