When her father died in , Johanna and her mother set out for a six-month tour of Europe. At the start of the Second Boer War in , Johanna volunteered along with three of her brothers. She served as a nurse until the British captured Pretoria , the capital of the Transvaal. The Boers did not immediately surrender, however, and a long guerrilla war began. She organised women to spy on British officers and hid prisoners who were on the run. It was her actions that led to W.

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Her best-known work "The Grape Cure" describes her healing journey apparently after being diagnosed with stomach cancer. Research studies : anti-cancer effect of resveratrol, pterostilbene and grapeseed - on science corroborating "The Grape Cure" Beginning of book extract Introductory The Grape Cure In the present desperate need of the world, I am offering this book as my contribution toward the solution of the Cancer problem. It is founded on personal experience and is put forward more as a prevention of Cancer than as a cure.

Many of the sufferers from this malady have had organs removed. Havoc has been wrought by the virulent cancer poison. They all have the same story to tell such as: "We are now declared to be suffering from inoperable cancer. Any questions with regard to such cases should be directed to licensed drugless healers or to medical men who have studied the Grape Cure.

Before starting on the grape diet, it is absolutely essential to remove any and all prejudice from our minds and hearts. Start with a clean sheet, then the only thing you will have to eradicate is the obstruction in your physical body.

Johanna Brandt, Pretoria, S. Chapter 1 - The Fourth of July, It was mid-winter when I left my home in the Transvaal to bring the message of the discovery of a remedy for cancer to the United States of America. Nothing could have been more dreary than that dusty little platform of our provincial town.

Something clutched my heart when I looked on the faces of the children who had helped to get mother ready for her strange expedition. When would I see them again? He was away from home on affairs connected with our church. It was the 4th of July - the American Day of Independence. This was a mere coincidence. The date had not been prearranged because of its significance but because it fitted in with the lectures I had to deliver in Bloemfontein and Cape Town before sailing for England by the "Windsor Castle.

America was a free country politically, and an independent, powerful, progressive, rich, and enlightened nation. But it was not free from disease. I had no doubt whatsoever that this free nation would accept my message, and accepting it, be blessed with a new emancipation - a wonderful deliverance from disease and premature death.

I tried to conjure up visions of the blessed and beautiful state of the world when, through America, a perishing humanity had been saved from suffering and the poverty which so often follows the wake of disease. In Cape Town, after one of my lectures, an astrologer who happened to be present, volunteered the information that the planetary influences were against my enterprise. I was earnestly advised to cancel my voyage and to return to the Transvaal. This was discouraging!

To hide my depression I smiled and said: "I shall overcome all planetary and other evil influences, by the grace of God! Disappointment followed my wake. Every plan was frustrated; my funds ran low and I was so much delayed in England and Europe that it was the end of November before I arrived in New York.

Perhaps some day the story may be written of how in the end, by the grace of God, every obstacle was overcome. The first three months in America were difficult indeed. I found to my great disappointment that the Medical Practice Act of the State of New York was tyrannical in the extreme. Much time was lost in constructing a plan by which I could demonstrate the efficacy of the Grape Cure. As a law-abiding citizen of South Africa, I had no desire to come into conflict with the law of a strange land.

There was nothing to do, therefore, but to secure the cooperation of registered medical men and carry out my healing campaign under their protection. But would it be possible to find medical men who would be willing to supervise test cases under an unknown system of healing? The time spent in searching for them was not lost.

I visited many people and institutions, presented letters of introduction, delivered private lectures and worked up many valuable connections. My main activity, however was writing. The little portable "Corona" typewriter that accompanied me everywhere since was nearly worn out with letters I wrote to the editors of leading newspapers and magazines, the heads of healing movements, the pastors of churches and, last but not least the most prominent medical men connected with the campaign against cancer.

But these efforts met with no success. The months went by and I did not even get an acknowledgment of the receipt of any of my communications. Two years before when I was lecturing in Cape Town, I met a fine American woman who was interested in healing and who still had time, on her trip around the world, to help me with my work. We became close friends. The refuge is always ready. Those who have drunk deeply of the cup of homesickness, will understand.

But this was no ordinary homesickness. It was not longing for home and loved ones, or a yearning for the "slumbering, sunlit vastness" of South Africa. It was a state of mental and spiritual anguish charged with unfathomable suffering of all the ages. It was my utter helplessness. To hold the key to the solution of most of the problems of life and to have it rejected, untried, as worthless - that is to pass through the dark night of the soul.

To have a mockery of worldly splendors thrust upon one as a substitute for an ideal; that is the temptation in the wilderness. To offer the gift of deliverance from pain, freely, without money, and without price and to see it spurned - that is crucifixion - Calvary. Benedict Lust, and when I placed my difficulties before him he advised me to approach Mr.

Macfadden received me very kindly. In spite of the fact that I was still withholding the secret of the Grape Cure until it could be brought forward in such a way that it could never be disputed , he listened attentively to my story and finally invited me to write an account of the discovery for the "Evening Graphic. This proof of my sincerity touched him and he made a special feature of my case in a full page article in the "Evening Graphic" of January 21st,


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