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Дополнительная информация: Некоторые диоды одной марки могут иметь различный тип корпуса исполнение , смотрите картинку и параметры. На нашем сайте опубликованы только основные параметры характеристики. Полная информация о том как проверить диод UF, чем его заменить, схема включения, аналог, Datasheet-ы и другие данные по этим диодам, может быть найдена в PDF файлах раздела DataSheet и на сайтах поисковых систем Google, Яндекс или в справочной литературе. В магазине указана розничная цена, но если вы хотите купить оптом со скидкой , присылайте запрос на емайл, мы отправим вам коммерческое предложение.

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The Ultra Fast Recovery Diode Specifications Ultra Fast Recovery Diode In Switch Mode Power Supply Modern electronic equipment prefers to use switch mode power supply designed rather than linear power supply, thus switch mode power supplies requires ultra fast recovery diode at the secondary side to convert the high pulse ac voltage to dc voltage.

Ultra fast recovery diodes have specification quite similar to general purpose diode except that the speed is much more faster. Usually when you look at the specification of the ultra fast recover diode, you search for its peak reverse voltage PRV , ampere and time speed, normally in nano seconds.

Always replace the ultra fast recovery diode with a spec that is the same or higher. The speed is very important and if possible find the exact speed or faster. For example, you can replace a 75ns diode with a 50ns or 35ns diode but you cannot substitute it with a ns or ns diode.

Testing the ultra fast recovery rectifier ust the same method when you check a general purpose diode. Set to time 10 kohm and it should have one reading using analog multimeter. The general purpose diode part number usually are 1N, 1N and etc. When you want to buy ultra fast recovery diode from your local electronic distributors, be aware that they might give you a wrong part number.

Most of the time when i asked for UF they will give me 1N Both diode have the same voltage and ampere except the speed! Insist on the same ultra fast recovery rectifiers number. If you have those scrap monitor board in your work place you may also salvage the diode and use it.

If you are in the field of monitor repairing, i have a tips for you.


Equivalência de UF5404



1N5404, Диод выпрямительный 3А 400В [DO-201AD]



Аналог диода UF5404


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