Plastic Man[ edit ] In , The Wachowskis wrote a script for a film adaptation of the Plastic Man comic book series. However, due to unknown reasons, the film was never made, although the script was finally leaked online by Yahoo! Carnivore[ edit ] This was the first film script written by The Wachowskis. Hard Boiled[ edit ] On August 22, , five months after the release of The Matrix , it was reported that The Wachowskis were considering an animated film adaptation of the Hard Boiled comic book series, in which Geof Darrow , the conceptional designer of The Matrix trilogy , participated as cartoonist.

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In fact, many moons ago, George Romero was rumored to be directing it. Unfortunately it never went anywhere, which is too bad, cause it was certainly better than those Matrix sequels.

Where have you been all my life? Or at least since The Matrix. To say these two have been squandering their amazing talent is an understatement. These Chicago hot dogs have all the talent fixings, including tomatoes, pickles, mustard, peppers, and celery salt.

Now the way I understand it, before the Wachowskis got their big break with Matrix, they were big name writers, hired to pen a lot of the hot jobs in town. John Bunyan, who, no, does not carry an axe, stumbles into Chicago with nothing but the clothes on his back and a deep fried dream of becoming a chef.

Speaking of food, he stops at a dingy old diner to grab some grub, where he runs into the insanely beautiful but broken down Ophelia.

John steps in, sticking up for the damsel in distress, and the two get into a fight, with John barely registering a TKO. Granny makes some sort of Granny Stew that puts even the freshest In and Out cheeseburger to shame. Mmmmmmm… In the meantime, Ophelia and John start hanging out. Yup, a real winner this guy is.

Unfortunately, it has some troubling side effects, such as a hefty sexual appetite for biting human flesh. Human flesh!!! He needs human meat to survive! Is John going to be able to pull away from his newest craving?

Or is he going to make Ophelia a Taco Ten Pack? Lucky for everyone here, you get to find out. It was kind of like eating a Chipotle burrito right after a few Sprinkles cupcakes. Together, they make you feel sick. But you liked each of them at the time of consumption. First of all, the Wachowskis have a great style of writing. A lot of amateurs make the prose the star. This is what happens next… He jumps into the car, locking the door and jams the key into the ignition.

The explosion of glass becomes— INT. The visuals here practically scream cinema. You have to admire how the Wachowskis are consistently able to pull that off. From a geek standpoint, one of the more interesting things about the script is how obsessed the Wachowskis were with dreams even back then. There are a ton of dream sequences and you can practically smell the inspiration for The Matrix. But in the end, what set this script apart for me is something I always preach here on Scriptshadow.

It was different. It was a horror film without the cliche horror trappings. There were enough weird moments like this where I had to keep reading. It goes to show that this medium truly celebrates writers with a unique voice. You have to push yourself away from your inspirations and focus on what you can bring to the table that nobody else can. I felt like this was only a movie the Wachowskis could make. You can find the script here in text form!

When Ophelia is getting attacked by her date in the opening diner scene, John comes to her rescue, telling Roman Links to lay off. We instantly like John from that point on.


Screenplay Review – Carnivore

Zululkree For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. TAJ Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. A few days later, Ophelia is back at her job as a secretary at a surgical center when the police call asking about a missing woman who was a regular client wavhowski. Not only a cool title, the movie itself actually sounds pretty fucking cool. Forums Discussions Off-Topic Discussion. Like you, I prefer the finished film to the original, somewhat convoluted script.



It begins to overpower him, control him. Even though i loved dellamorte dellamore. Retrieved September 4, The script is full of really freaky imagery and truly surreal and memorable dream sequences perhaps a bit too many though. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Follow aicn.

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