His family name comes from Breivika in Hadsel , and literally means "broad vik " [8] or "broad bay. Breivik was born in Oslo on 13 February , [36] [37] the son of Wenche Behring — , a nurse, and Jens David Breivik born , a civil economist , who worked as a diplomat for the Norwegian Embassy in London and later in Paris. His father, who later married a diplomat, fought for, but failed to achieve, custody. When Breivik was four, living in Fritzners gate in Oslo, two reports were filed expressing concern about his mental health, concluding that Anders ought to be removed from parental care.

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Slaughter I am not trying to prove anything, and I am not condoning what he has written or what he has done. Anonymous Dear Sir! Guest where is the. The simplest things are all contributing factors to these acts of violence, sewage, money, the weather, the things you can say, to attempt to remove yourself from blame in this situation is ludicrous, and if you want to distinguish yourself as being righteous, you would most likely adopt an equal sense of sacrifice, as you attempt to open up to everyone in your life about these subjects, which you may believe you can be doing a better job of managing, you will be labeled as a psychopathic schizophrenic, even by your friends and family.

If you were Breivik, you would have made the same choice. The other is still the option of finding innovative ways to redress the issues that threaten your well-being and of those you love. I know that people like Breivik have their hands tied behind their backs by the Liberal sector of society, and I have to acknowledge that I do not yet know for certain if he did everything that he could to give peace a chance. When Conservatives controlled the media not in my time? Patrik This simplified black-and-white reasoning is a symptom.

Anonymous His concerns with multiculturalism, individualism, and Marxism are widely shared. I disagree with his methods of recourse, but he certainly has to be said to have had a fairly developed understanding on the subject. What he did can be said to be wrong and deeply immoral, but he never lost his grip on reality. In fact, it has to be said that he has a far better understanding of these issues than the average individual.

I just happen to disagree about how he went about dealing with it, and even some of the conclusions he came to. Loqman As European Muslim I know very well the odds and evens of both worlds.

And I hate the brutality of stupid ones who have neither reason nor knowledge but power and money. They are primitive people, whether they come from the eastern or the western world. They have no culture and no religion except stupid traditions and habits. For prove you may compare for what the Saudis or the Serbians are calling their followers. The former one have dismissed the education by the holy Prophet when they promote their wahabism which is not the religion of god and against humanity — for this I understand Anders Breivik very well.

And the latter have inspired the cruelty of Anders Breivik, as we all have already seen in Srebrenica. This are the unbelievers, who do not integrate into the better part of any advanced civilization. They do not even pretend to strive for acquisition of any spirituality.

Intensive learning and hard striving for moral behaviour is the way of rise of civilization. And only such effort could be called Islamic. What western observers critisize at right is the lack of Islam with the muslims of eastern offspring. If they would care for education and knowledge their integration would be no problem.

But they behave stupid as if Islam has never reached them — and that is my critique. So I love my country and I will defend it against any Islamistic ideology which is contrary to Islam. Here we have indeed the same contradiction as Judaism and Zionism, which are filled in the same concept of Semitism or the respective Anti-concept.

Never we would accept anyone disturbing our civilization by crime mafia, and misuse. No, they do not love where they live in, the nature. They do not know the concept of garbage collection and selection. Their civilization are waste, full and big super stores. How nice the ambiguity of waste fits in here. But also I had to learn, that the biggest enemies of our civilization are the arrogant administrators of it, — they call themselves functional elites, who do care for their status, income and re-elections, but never for the real sake of the people.

The make laws which are not naiv. If you open your door for poor educated ones you must not wonder it they increase their habit if they are not challenged to improve. How many worlds Anders Breivik and his Serbian Friends have killed and how proud they are for this deeds, if you want to hear, they will call it Christian?!

But no Muslim will believe such pretention, because the teaching of Islam is very clear. It gives rights and understandings, to which every such one claiming to be Muslim can be measured upon. But I go further: they count for everyone who claims to have intelligence at all — can you divide justice?

Because the way of Islam is to win living souls. If idiots do not know this they behave like Barbarians. If Anders Breivik watches them, I watch them, too. But he may now be subject to Christian love. In Islam he would be found guilty to be killed, and in case no relative of the nearly innocent victims asks for execution he had to work and pay as a economical substitute of all killed loved ones with his agricultural company for the rest of his life. This, to avoid hell.

But as you see, this is the real and hard part of spirituality. As we know, ora et labora. Would be good for some all childrens abusers, too. Thanks to Kevin, that he has made this very important step for documentation. It is a kind of Opinion Leaks Opleaks, my wording. Unfortunately everyone will read it in selective way, but this is the case with every step in life — as we are responsible for what we do.

IF we are free societies, than take freedom of speech serious. IF NOT, then please put away all the criminal soul killing films and games and provide for better models. Me, I raise my voice for a society of wisdom, peace and faith in the best understanding for all, but the servants of Mammon do what they can to kill the souls of the human beings for their short minded enjoyment on the bones and blood of others. Johnny Redd That was pretty good.

It gives the impression that foreigners are automatically to be regarded as evil? You made some good points, but that quote is a fly in the soup — so to speak. Loqman Dear Johnny Redd, actually this were two wellknown utterings of the holy Prophet which I put together. It is a matter of fact that the language of the place where you live is essential; no fly in the soup if you kindly consider the need of perfect language at court, or in politics.

And if you have different behaviour that disturbs the common life in your neighbourhood some sorts of suspicion will rise: how shall we talk to him? He is talking but we do not understand him — what does he want here or from me, does he need help or advice, is he understanding at all? But only with a common language I could ask about and acquire Islam. Yes, to learn the language of the people where you live is a challenge, but a very neceessary one.

We call it — jihad. Islam is a challenge, not only for the non Muslims. As you see, truth turns against any of its oppressors. So what a Muslim is this who neglects common language and learning? Murderers are hatred people in my religion too. We are all sorry for the , London bombings or Norway massacres. This is not a way of islam and nobody can get profit from killing another. The winners of this terrorist actions are western countries and we all suffered from this kind of manipulations.

In fact, any assault to innocent people is non-ethic wherever it occurs. All we see in the West are Muslims shouting victory in the streets when terrorists carry out these acts.

Furthermore, please show me peaceful, loving things in the Quran. Forbidden fruit and all that. And by idiot, I mean you. Thanks Kevin. Johnny Redd Ouch! Does that make you an idiot?


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