This abstract may be abridged. Copy of each transaction receipt and costs in terms of Mevlana Exchange Programme events are stored at the Mevlana Exchange Programme Institution Coordination Offices of the elated national higher education institution according to general provisions and kept ready for auditing. Originals of the cost documents are attached to the annex of accounting documents. If a case with irregularity is detected legal action will be taken according to the general provisions say authorities by the related higher education institution.

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Douzuru This provision contradicts the general provisions of the TCO with regard to the default of the debtor. On the other hand, it is stipulated that if the invoice is received by the debtor before the procurement of the goods and services, the thirty xayl period shall commence with the delivery of the sayll or services to the debtor. Within this scope, the said provision shall not be applied to the contracts that are concluded between a commercial enterprise and public institutions. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances. Introduction Under Turkish law, the fundamental provisions regarding default and performance of debts are regulated under Turkish Code of Obligations numbered kann. In this case, for default to be present, it is sufficient for the creditor to send the invoice and that the debtor fails to make the payment within thirty days from receipt of the invoice.


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