The Geographical Environment2. The Origins of the Kievan State4. Kievan Rus: A Political Outline5. Kievan Rus: Economy, Society, Institutions6. Appanage Russia: Introduction8.

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Faukus But, it was very challenging to stay engaged with the book. And now I know that there is an 11th edition, which I want to get. Insomma, una bellissima presentazione della storia e della cultura russa, con spunti per ulteriori approfondimenti. A History of Russia by Nicholas V. It also introduces the key historical approaches and explains the issues surrounding certain sources.

I was sorely disappointed in my purchase and put it down after pages. Oxford University Press Inc. It is incredibly readable russa well dedicating entire sections to the aforementioned: Charlotte Alston Modern Russia 35, New to this Edition: I guess the author wanted to cover every aspect of Russian life.

HardcoverSixth Editionpages. Bekijk de hele lijst. The authors are well read and sometimes Lascia da approfondire in particolare il succedersi dei fatti storici particolari guerre, battaglie od, fatti spiccioli che sono solo visti nelle loro conseguenze.

The authors are well read and sometimes appear to be unable to strongly favor any point of view. Wherever needed it gives a fair idea to the student, of the differing schools of thought addressing a question.

After riasanovsly this book and digesting the overview it provides, one can then dig a bit deeper into the more thorough treatments of more specific topics, a great deal of which they authors ot in their extensive bibliography. Widely acclaimed as the best one-volume history available, A History of Russia is also available in two split volumes-the first covers early Russia through the nineteenth century and the second ranges from to the present.

Overall I would recommend this book for students of Russian history. A History of Russia Nicholas V. Riasanovsky Boeken Mar 06, Michael rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Bezorgopties We bieden verschillende opties aan voor het bezorgen of ophalen van je bestelling.

It also assumes knowledge of major wars and for me, the Cold War could have done with a section but I think this is because I had a 4th edition. This is precisely why I am not prepared to write a critical review on this book. Straddling between Asia and Europe, but with strong ties to European culture and history, as repeatedly stressed in history by many Russian leaders like Peter the Great and Catherine the Great, but also by recent leaders such as Putin, who declared in Drawing on both primary sources and major interpretive Reviewers report that their students russiaa reading it, and that it often serves as a catalyst for their interest in Russian history.

While highly critical of the USSR, he never gives in to anti-Soviet propaganda, often discovering areas in which the Soviet Union did advance or give its people what it wanted.

Pagine interessantissime, seppur stringate, sulla letteratura russa jistory Gran bel libro, veramente. Riasanovsky I would also like to have seen the sections covering the life of the Russian Orthodox Church expanded, o this might reflect my own interests more than any insufficiency on the part of the authors.

For its coverage of Russia prior to I would give it five stars. I am at a loss to explain the five-star reviews of this book. Miserable writing and poor factual presentation: All and all a good read for anyone wanting an english text that deals with Russian and particularly good are the insights into culture in different time periods. I doubt this Marxist irony was intentional. Per non parlare di Ivan il terribile, il principe Nevskij, i Tartari, il principato di Novgorod, etc.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I really wanted to follow riasajovsky connected tribal migrations and religious history to the east for the same period. Most Related.


Nicholas V. Riasanovsky

A complex and fascinating history, a rich culture with many a contradiction, influenced by a unique geography defined by a sweeping expanse of beautiful but challenging and sometimes harsh and unforgiving landscapes, a nation whose history can be characterized as heroic, brutal and tragic. Russia, whose Tsarist flag as also reflected, with modifications, in the current Russian presidential flag , represents symbolically the very essence of the Russian core: the double-headed eagle, used in the late Byzantine Empire as dynastic emblem of the Paloiologoi emperors, highlights the important cultural, religious and ideological connections of the emerging Russian state with the Eastern Roman Empire, but also symbolically represents the duality of the Russian soul and history, looking both eastward and westward at the same time. A nation that has frequently received biased, flawed and ideologically-colored treatment by many commentators, especially by Western and particularly by US media during and after the Cold War. The country that imposed Communism to the countries of Eastern Europe with the brute force of arms, but also the country whose heroism and immense sacrifices during WWII well over 24 million casualties, according to conservative estimates contributed the most, by far, to the defeat of Nazi Germany. Stalingrad was the turning point of the whole war - and the average lifetime of a Russian soldier coming to Stalingrad front was 24 hours.


A History of Russia

He was His family said he died in a nursing home after a two-year illness. Professor Riasanovsky taught Russian and European intellectual history at the University of California, Berkeley, from until his retirement in His writing was known for its scrupulous examination of perceptions and misperceptions on all sides in unfolding events.

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